Battlefield 2 Revive 2019

It’s Time to go into Battle

Remarkably, the last game of this level like Battlefield 2 will regain its former glory among the Battlefield series of games. I for finger top, + and so on. Did not use Wine Virtual Desktop mode. I worked around start up issues by disabling all secondary monitors (with a simple xrandr switch). Tested using a 64-bit WINEPREFIX, which did appear to work (in my testing) - including online multiplayer. Installation from the Battlefield 2 Deluxe Edition DVD; Installing Battlefield 2 updates: 1.4.1, 1.5.0. These instructions will teach you how to 'medicwhore' in a game called Battlefield 2. The link for the game is provided below. Get the Medic kit. And get the G36E unlock as soon as Possible.

Battlefield 2 is an exciting first person shooter game that offers players plenty of military action. The game takes place on a modern battlefield and players have to use role playing and strategy to defeat their enemies. There are many more challenges that the original game and players are sure to have fun working out the perfect plan to take out enemies and putting it into effect.


In the single player mode, gamers will play alongside a team of 16 characters that are controlled by the computer. Each of these characters has been well developed and come complete with their own personality traits as well as skills and weaknesses. Even the dialogue is dramatised with the effect that players feel like they are right in the heart of the action.

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Gamers can choose to play as either the United States Marine Corps, the Middle Eastern Coalition or the People’s Liberation Army. These teams are much more than simple copies of each other and the team that you choose to play as will determine the types of missions that you have to complete, the weapons at your disposal and many other things. This allows gamers who are hooked on the action and excitement of Battlefield 2 to enjoy the game for even longer, as they can change to a new team and start all over whenever they choose.

All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews 20 in Group Chat. Most popular community and official content for the past. NOTE: BF2 'Revive' is no different than a regular BF2 'Vanilla' version! In 2014 GameSpy was closed, and so the Multiplayer experience of many online games was terminated as well. This is the case of Battlefield 2, which was shutdown in 2014. The Team at has revived the whole game, Multiplayer included!


Players progress through the game through a series of promotions, which are granted for completing set missions and displaying special skills. Each time that players are promoted they will be given access to new weapons, allowing them to be bigger and badder than ever.

No matter what team you play on, the basic objective of the game is the same. Players have to reduce the tickets of the opposing team. These tickets represent the ability of an army to reinforce their battlefield position and once the tickets have been significantly reduced the army will be very vulnerable. Each of the teams has a limited amount of tickets at their disposal and every time they receive a casualty the number of tickets they have will be reduced dramatically.

Gamers also fight for control points, which represent the key points on the map. The team who possess the largest amount of control points will ultimately win the game, as they will force the other team into weaker and weaker positions until they are wiped out.

The multiplayer mode gives Battlefield 2 a whole new dimension. Teams of players are rewarded for working together and the missions that they are set are more challenging and engaging. While there is plenty to do, unfortunately it can be difficult to keep track of your teammates, which makes working together and planning strategies much more difficult.


Some of the controls are difficult to use and the helicopters in particular feel awkward and cumbersome. Some of the elements of the game can take a long time to load and waiting for them takes the edge off the action a little.

Battlefield 2 takes all of the best features from the original game and adds a series of great touches that players are sure to love. Despite a few minor setbacks, this is being hailed as one of the best games military action games around and there is plenty here to love.


  • The game play is exciting and engaging
  • New commander and squad
  • Built-in voice support
  • The graphics and sounds effects are stunning
  • Rewards for teamwork

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Battlefield 4 Update 2019

  • The game can take a while to load
  • Keeping track of comrades can be tough
  • The building controls are a bit difficult to use