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Mad Moxxi is a character in Tales from the Borderlands and a main character in Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. In her high school on Eden 5, Moxxi was flat chested. Because of this, she was picked on by the jocks, popular girls, and big tittied goth girls. Bcause of this, she slowly became obsessed with trying to find a way to change it without plastic surgery. Moxxtails are consumables found in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are only available through purchase at Moxxi's Up Over Bar in Concordia. The item cards for Moxx-tails are similar in layout to those of weapons and shields, with the addition of the text, 'You look like you need a stiff drink.' Above the effect of the item. Below is flavor text and effect explanations. The manufacturer logo.

To many, known as one of the hottest, smartest, and deadliest woman in whole Sanctuary.

A mad woman.

To him, just a crush/

A big, big crush.

Young Kid, that's the name she had called him that first day they met, after he entered her bar with a wrecked body and an equally wrecked mood after getting beaten up to a pulp by the psychos around the Sanctuary territory, all those years ago.

Well, all those two years ago, but it still counts.

That day, she had found him half passed out on the floor of her bar, and had quickly dragged him (Quite carefully, if he might add) to the other side of those ever locked doors and had taken care of him with whatever was available in a bad-dead bar on a corner of Sanctuary. He could remember the way her fingers ran all over his wound-up body, and how she would apply painful liquids onto his wounds only after assuring him it would hurt only a second.

Of course, after he had completely recovered, the good-girl treatment ended, and she had stated that it was all with interest, and that it would cost him.

Young Kid couldn't care less about costs, or money...or anything, at all. The moment she had offered that in the case of him not having money, he could always work for her until he completed his dept, Young Kid had jumped head first onto the opportunity and had since been right next to her for the last two years, working hard for her every single day.

She had given him a name, after all. And somewhere to stay.

He had heard the stories. About Mad Moxxi, the death bringer mad vixen that took Death Matches as Breakfast and that thoroughly waited for a suitor back in the day. How she had quite calmed down after reaching up Sanctuary just to take care of her Bar.

Too bad, Young Kid really liked the Mad Vixen part. He specifically loved the part in which she used to enjoy making psychos kill themselves in arenas…or maybe even-

'Hey, Kidd' A rough voice kicked him out of his blabbery and Young Kid turned as fast as he could just to find Johann, one of his collages and actual friends, snapping his fingers at him, 'Wake up, it's time for us to clear the tables again' He didn't bother replying, instead he abstently nodded as he took one last glance at the beautiful girl standing behind the reception desk, talking with yet another traveler in search for some adventures.

He could already hear the typical I don't have any work- But that doesn't mean you can't stay and wink at him.

He once fell for that one, too. Not anymore.

Or at least, not that often.

He quickly shook his head and cleared his mind. Those tables wouldn't clean themselves, he knew that by heart.

As he cleaned, he wondered when will be the next time the heroes would drop by, since it had been some days since they had come by and taken a drink, or maybe hang out a bit.

He missed Axton, always up for a new story if it came from his mouth. Or even Gaige, a bit weird, a bit crazy, just his type of friends.

Even Zer0, even if their little chats were mostly one sided, always ending up on Zer0 discovering every single one of Young Kid's secrets.

Freaking cyborg ninjas.

He sighed as he finished cleaning one table, just to get on with the other.

Borderlands moxxi tip

Well, that, if a sudden sound hadn't stopped him from doing so.

He lifted his eyes, and whole face, to find the Roland (One of Sanctuary's most respected soldier) standing right in front of Moxxi, with a frown in both of their faces, and Young Kid just had these extreme urge to eavesdrop.

Carefully, he skipped some tables until he was close to the main desk, and tried listening as he busied himself cleaning.

'There's trouble, and we need any of your guys that are willing to come and help us with psychos right outside our doors' The soldier, in that rough, deep tone that Young Kid always found quite scary, talked to Moxxi as if it was indeed an urgency, and not just another casual encounter.

'How bad is it?' She questioned as she placed more body-weight in her left leg, making her hip stick up, maybe just to show off her wide hips, maybe just out of a bad habit.

Or good habit, Young Kid didn't question that.

'Pretty bad that I'm asking for civilians to come join, instead of using my own strengths' Moxxi let out a sadistic giggle, and Young Kid had to look away when her eyes locked onto his own for half a second.

'Aight' then, I'll ask, sugar' She slowly, sensually started walking out of her little unreachable zone (In which he had been quite a few times, if he could so dearly say) and turned down the volume of the music, making the ones that were slacking off in the couches and the other workers that were actually working turn to look at her questioningly.

Young Kid already knew what was gonna come out of those beautiful, thin, lipstick filled lips.


'Alright, sweeties, it seems handsome Soldier here is in the need of some other arms to carry, and shoot guns' There was a lot of Huhs and What? Around, and she laughed, 'I won't be paying you for it, and it will probably cost you some extra hours, but Soldier needs volunteers to go help the front doors from goddamn stupid psychos' The negative answers from almost everybody were immediate, and Moxxi couldn't even let out a sigh.

She knew her guys, they were up to everything, but risking their lives for nothing didn't seem quite appealing. They were all, after all, used to the heroes coming down to help at the end.

Young Kid, of course, disagreed.

The moment she offered, just like every single time, he raised up his hand eagerly. And a second didn't go before beautifully blue, blinking, confused eyes looked at him, and he had to admit; Moxxi staring at him for more than ten seconds was the best thing that had happened to him since he received a kiss on the cheek from her after knocking up a drunk customer that tried forcing himself on her.

'Are you sur-'

'I'll do it' Young Kid didn't even let her finish, something he did quite often because of his nerves getting the best of him, and something Moxxi seemed to quite like a lot when he did.

It was almost as if she didn't have complete control of him. And he knew she liked men that could handle themselves.

Like him.


'This place has given me shelter, and it's the town in which Moxxi lives, so I might as well protect it if I'm given the chance' He smirked. He had managed a smooth reason for it, and the slight wide eyed look he detected on Moxxi for, like, half a second, was worth it.

Even if he didn't know how to even hold a gun and will most certainly go out to the field just to get himself killed.

Rolan didn't leave time for goodbye or good luck, instantly giving him a thankful nod and ordering him to go get whatever he needed and gave instructions, for him and for whoever decided to have a change of heart, to go meet him at the front gates in about 10 minutes.

After all the courage he had spent on talking to Moxxi and Soldier Rolan, Young Kid didn't have the guts to look at anyone, and thus excused himself towards the backside of the bar.

The back of the bar was actually absolutely different than the bar itself. The place was huge, and looked like an old hangar, with many handmade metallic rooms for the workers to sleep, and a huge, neatly built room hanging on the roof, at the center of the whole dome-like hangar. That was Moxxi's own room, and actual office.

Young Kid had been one of the smart individuals at the time of making this rooms, and his room was, too, hanging on the cellar, instead of being on the floor. He had made it for it to be close to the elevator that led everyone to the floor, and close enough for Moxxi to walk past him whenever she went to work. (If he wasn't already working before she woke up)

He didn't miss a single second, and quickly stepped up into the elevator, pressing the already memorised only button on the pat to get him to the second floor.

The elevator didn't stop before he jumped out and got to his little room, kicking the door open and finding it dumb that he, once again, left his radio on.

Usually, no one was allowed to cause disturbance inside the hangar, as it was a place to sleep and get some peace after a long day of good work, but Young Kid had earned the right to use it straight outta' Moxxi's mouth, after he completed some indirect favours for her.

She had also complimented his taste of music, saying she enjoyed it at those early morning shifts in which she had nothing else to do other than paperwork and negotiation inside her own office.

Shaking his head again, he got close to his bed and reached under it to take out a huge box (Young Kid's current wardrobe) to take out some adequate clothing for him to wear if he was gonna fight against bloodlust psychos and Nomads.

Cargo pants, check.

Hot, camo long sleeve shirt, check.

Boots, check.

Bandana, check.

Moxxi walking towards his humble room, che-what?

Since the door was already wide open, she let herself in, and suddenly Young Kid's room seemed to dusty, too dirty, and too messy for his own good.

'Kidd' She used the nickname Johann had given him months ago after they got their first shift together, 'Are you sure about this?' Her eyes weren't mischievous and lusty for once, and it reminded him of the Moxxi he had first met two years ago when she found him half dead on her floors.

'Y-Yeah' He had tried to make his voice sound cool, but instead managed a shy squeak in front of her presence.

The way she sensually hummed in front of him, and placed her thin index finger on his chest made his heartbeat speed up to the limits.

By the obvious smirk she was giving off, Young Kid deduced that she noticed.

'Are you sure it's not only to impress lil' missy me?' She questioned him, and by the way her blue eyes seemed to stare straight into his soul told Young kid that he couldn't lie to her.

Not now nor never.

'I was serious, Mox- Ma'am' She moved her index finger towards his lips to efficiently shut him up.

'You used to call me by my name, whatever changed that?' She removed her finger off his mouth and Young Kid gulped before taking a deep breath.

'Johann and the others seem to call you that way, so I figured…' She shook her hand and smiled at him.

Mischievous or not, he couldn't really concentrate on realising what it was that he could see in those eyes of hers.

'Well, those are the others, mkay, sugar?' She winked at him, 'I like how my name sounds when you use it, so you are an exception' Her eyes slowly drafted towards the old, classic radio on Young Kid's table, 'Just like in many other things'

'W-What do you mean by that?' He tried asking her a question for what seemed like the first time, and she shushed him.

'Whatever I want it to mean, capisci?' He nodded nervously and she stepped away from him, letting him catch his breath and maybe wake up some of his brain cells, 'So, go on'

It took him several seconds to realise that she was waiting for him to continue with his interrupted explanation.

'Well, I-ah...I was serious' She hummed, and motioned to continue, 'You gave me shelter, and debt or not, you also saved my life' Her eyes widened for what looked like a second, before her brows furrowed, just slightly.

'If you're doing this to clear out of your debt, I've been telling you all year that you've been clear for a while now' Young Kid managed a chuckle, and the intense way she had been staring at him somehow lowered.

As if Young Kid would ever imagine Moxxi calling him for anything else than work.

But maybe she did tell him whenever he would manage to engage conversation with her, in which he would only half listen, half loose himself in her eyes, her soft curves, her curly hair.

Ever since the day he had caught her without all that makeup on, her image had been tattooed into his brain like a drug.

'Being honest with you, ma- Moxxi' He shrugged and gulped at the mistake he almost commited, 'Even if you hadn't actually demanded a debt to be paid, I'd have tried to stay with you' The way her expression seemed to be slightly impressed, he continued, 'You saved me, and if I had the opportunity to repay you, and also to get a job and a place to sleep and wake up, it was just a no brainer for me' The way she was looking at Young Kid told him she was pleased, and he internally grinned.

That look only meant that he had earned himself some good Moxxi points.

'And, again, if I can fight for the place I call home, which also happens to be the place in which my saviour lives, then I will do it' He nodded, determination filling his eyes.

And Moxxi seemed to be very impressed with him.



'And here I thought you couldn't get any more handsome' She complimented him, and he blushed.

Borderlands Mad Moxxi Hot

She had used that phrase, and had called him handsome before. But that was whenever he found some bucks dropped on the floor and quickly picked them up and poured them into her famous tip jar.

But now, there was no tip jar, no money and her eyes seemed sincere.

He had to admit, he had yet to experience the Mad side of Moxxi, which is one side of her that interested him the most, but he liked this one just as much.

He didn't notice the moment she took his hand and dragged him out of his room.

'Come here, you deserve a little reward from pleasing me like that' She said without even looking at him, instead looking at the path she was taking.

God, the path towards her office.

Young Kid gulped, started sweating and started mustering nonsense as soon as she opened the door.


Borderlands Moxxi 3

He was half relieved, half disappointed when she closed it in front of him.

'I bet you were thinking about another kind of reward, sugar' She commented from the inside of her room as he heard thing being moved and tossed around.

He couldn't do anything else than let out a nervous chuckle.

'Not that I'm against it' She mentioned as she opened the door, 'But, there is no time, and I don't think you're that much of a quickshot?' She winked at him and he managed to shake his head, making her laugh, 'But no, this is a much practical reward' He could figure out something behind her back, purple, with slight orange, glowing lines around...something, 'This is my favorite gun. You'll understand when you use it' She said, and showed him what seemed to be a small rifle of sorts, with paintings of her and the Moxxi's logo on the purple story.

It was pretty, and it was light.

'Is this…' He didn't finish the question before she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek again, just like a year ago.

'For good luck, Soldier Boy' She winked at him and shushed him away, 'Now go, make this place a safer home for us' She smiled at him, this time with-yes, that mischievous, hot, lusty smile of hers but with honest, clear, sky blue eyes.

Young Kid absently, slowly, without listening to anything she kept complimenting him on for good luck, kept walking towards the elevator, a god damn good gun in his hands, four- When the freaking hell did she hid those there- mags in his pockets, and an incredibly overflowing feeling of happiness daring to burst out of his chest.

And even if he knew that the good girl treatment will most certainly end, and that he would only get to see her this way when another miraculous event happen and that he will most certainly die the moment he steps into the field, Young Kid felt good.

Young Kid, for once, felt ready for another good step in his life.

This is it, I do not own Borderlands 2.

Author's note: This is my story, with my OC (Which I have tried to adapt to the era that Borderlands 2 is living in) and a strange ship-not-ship which involve him with Moxxi.

This is somewhere in the story line, and if this doesn't happen to be a One-Shot (I'm still thinking about whether or not I should make this a full story), then you will catch parts of the actual story-line with Young Kid's, Moxxi's and some others perspectives.

I'll see you around, and stay safe. Merry Christmas