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Crossbearer was one of the more powerful metalcore bands to come about over the past decade. Taking influences from melodic metalcore with societal commentary along the lines of Shai Hulud or extremely atmospheric post hardcore like Hopesfall, Crossbearer melded it into a sound somewhat distinct to themselves, but conventional enough to keep them from rising to the top of their scene. Crossbreed was an American six-member industrial metal band from Clearwater, Florida, United States, formed in 1996. They were signed with Artemis Records before being dropped from the label in 2003. The band released two EPs and three full-length albums before disbanding in 2010.

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Crossbearers is a set of studies designed to establish a solid foundation for disciples. The objective of these studies is to help Christians establish foundational convictions, give them an opportunity to demonstrate what they are learning in a practical way, and go on to greater maturity.

These studies were designed for, and are most effective when implemented in, a regular discipling or mentoring relationship with a more mature man or woman of faith.

There are 4 sections to the Crossbearers study series. The first 3: Love God, Love One Another, and Love Your Neighbor deal with our relationships as Christians. The last section: Let Your Light Shine deals with righteousness and practical living. Each section of studies is set up to do 3 very important things:

#1Teach why – Healthy motivation is essential to establishing strong foundational convictions. Teaching disciples to have healthy motivations helps them have their own deep convictions for why they do what they do!

#2Teach how – Young Christians need practical Bible teaching to learn to “obey” all that Jesus commanded us to do. These studies are full of practical scriptures, spiritual principles, and helpful advice to equip young disciples to live out their faith.

#3Demonstration & Practice – Each study concludes with a spiritual exercise. The Crossbearers program is designed so that the mentor would get together with the young Christian on a weekly basis. One week going through the study scriptures, asking questions, and helping them develop biblical convictions. The following week the mentor and the student would do the spiritual exercise together that corresponded to the previous week’s Bible study. During this time you should complete the exercise, follow-up with any homework assigned in the exercise and have a discussion about what you learned. For example, one week you might go through the study on “Listening to God” (Bible Study). The following week you would get together and let the young disciple pick a subject, Bible character, or section of scripture to study out together. The Spiritual Exercise encourages mentors to teach the young disciple how to use a concordance or any Bible study tools that their Bible might offer. This provides an opportunity for the mentor to show the disciple how to effectively study the Bible and allows the young Christian the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned.

These spiritual exercises are a pivotal aspect of the Crossbearers program. When those we mentor can walk with us, much like Jesus’ disciples were able to walk with him, it provides them with the faith and encouragement they need to put into practice what they have learned and truly go on to maturity.

Finally, to graduate from the Crossbearers program every young Christian will need to complete a minimum of 8 studies from this series and complete the Spiritual Exercises that corresponds to each of the 8 studies. Upon completion, a special certificate can be awarded and graduates can be recognized in the fellowship for their heart to “go on to maturity” and for their exceptional commitment to the discipleship of our Lord Jesus. Our hope and prayer is that the Crossbearer series will be a helpful resource to you as you help the young “go on to maturity” and equip God’s people for works of service.

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Cross Bearer Band Rings


Back before metalcore became the beast that it is in today’s American metal scene, it existed as a purer mix of hardcore punk and heavy metal. Before some of the bigger influential acts rose to prominence, Philadelphia’s Starkweather, named after a spree-killer from the 1950’s, entered the picture with a bizarre, more experimental take on the budding genre’s characteristics.

The band’s debut, Crossbearer, makes use of both clean and harsh vocals throughout, with much longer songs than your standard punk compositions. After a brief, quiet bass passage, “Tumult” opens into fairly bright chords from the band, holding up vocalist Rennie Resmini’s cleans. Songs on this album vary from slow to mid-tempo, more often preferring to work with twisting melodies than speed or all-out aggression. “Mean Streets,” the longest song on the album, displays the band’s compositional aspirations as well as some of Resmini’s more venomous harsh vocals. Plodding “Rest the Soul” has moments where it almost mimics Metallica’s slower numbers topped by Resmini rapping his harshes to the listeners. This song’s ending and the next song, “Lazarus Runs,” entirely, show how the band’s use of slower tempos did nothing to hamper their heaviness. “Murder in Technicolor” not only features slow tempos, but also acoustic guitars, spoken poetry, and the return of the clean vocals, and “Shards” shows off the band’s capability of writing memorable guitar riffs. The last two songs on the album are probably the best, with the epic and groovy “Unto Me” followed by the crushing “Picture It Obsidian,” featuring some of the fastest tempos on the album before descending into a final crushing drop.

Not everything is perfect with this album. The production is rather shoddy, as it tended to be with most metalcore bands of the time, especially heard in the tone of the guitars. Whereas pure hardcore punk bands tended to use this lo-fi sound to compliment their anti-establishment attitudes, the more ambitious leanings of the bands trying to bridge the genre with metal tended to lose some of their bite. The clean vocals aren’t usually very well executed throughout; Resmini rarely sounds in pitch. However, his harsh vocals are incredibly dynamic for metalcore, especially when in his higher shrieks. Overall, a peculiar album from a peculiar band.


  1. Tumult
  2. Mean Streets
  3. Rest the Soul
  4. Lazarus Runs
  5. Murder in Technicolor
  6. Shards
  7. Unto Me
  8. Picture It Obsidian

Rating: 5/10

Favorite Track: “Unto Me”

Crossbearer Band Lyrics


Renni Resmini – vocals

Todd Forkin – guitars

Michelle Eddison – bass

Leonard Emerick – drums on “Tumult,” “Rest the Soul,” “Shards,” and “Unto Me”

Harry Rosa – drums on “Mean Streets,” “Lazarus Runs,” Murder in Technicolor,” and “Picture It Obsidian”