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We know that Daenerys can speak Valyrian. However when she is at Meereen as Queen, and also in the towns before it, she needs Missandei to translate for her what her people are saying in Valyrian. However we have seen her speak Valyrian, for example at the slave master of Astapor. So, why does she need a translator? At Slaver’s Bay, she met arrogant Master Kraznys mo Nakloz, who owned the Unsullied, an army of elite warrior-eunuchs. Daenerys offered to give him one of her dragons for his translator, Missandei, the leader of the Unsullied, Grey Worm, and 8,000 fighters, and he agreed. But she tricked him and decided to burn him alive, of course. Contextual translation of 'daenerys' into Japanese. Human translations with examples: デネリス, デネリス女王, デネリス、頼む, なぜデイネリス?, 我が名はデネリス, ドラゴンではなかったのね, タールゲリエ.

PICTURE IS SO MUCH BETTER IN HD! Khal and Daenerys Talking in Dothraki. Convert from English to Valyrian. The Valyrian languages are a fictional language family in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by George R. Martin, and in their television adaptation Game of Thrones. For the TV series, linguist David J. Peterson created the High Valyrian language, as well as the derivative language Astapori Valyrian, based on the fragments given in the novels.

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Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen.Source:Foxtel

Daenerys Targaryen left Game of Thrones fans reeling when she ignored the surrender at King’s Landing and burned the city to the ground.

The silver-haired leader followed in her father’s footsteps – nicknamed The Mad King – by torching civilians in the streets from atop her dragon, even after soldiers rang the bells to indicate their resistance was over, The Sun reports.

With her face twisted in rage, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) ordered that her troops continue their onslaught, leaving the likes of Jon Snow and Arya Stark watching on in horror from the ground.

Many fans assumed Daenerys was acting out of revenge, sticking it to Cersei after she executed her translator and best friend Missandei.

Daenerys left the capital in ruins. Picture: HBOSource:Supplied

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However, in a video interview with HBO alongside Grey Worm actor Jacob Anderson, Clarke insisted her reaction wasn’t about bloodlust at all.

Game of thrones daenerys targaryen

“It’s this feeling that you could call Targaryen craziness, you could give it all of these names that it doesn’t deserve,” she began.

“Because it is just grief. It’s hurt and she has this ability to make this hurt a little bit less just for a minute,” she went on.

“And here she is sitting on this ridge and there’s the emotion and there’s the feeling and the feeling is to fu**ing kill her.”

However, many fans will no doubt be left sceptical by the comments.

Daenerys Targaryen TranslatorDaenerys Targaryen Translator

Daenerys could’ve flown straight to the Red Keep to eliminate Cersei, but instead she systematically incinerated the streets occupied by the capital’s families.

Nonetheless, Anderson stressed that to Daenerys’ followers, such as The Unsullied, she will always remain a visionary rather than a tyrant.

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“I don’t think that Greyworm can ever really see Dany as the Mad Queen,” he chimed in.

“To him, she actually has a very clear sense of what’s right and what’s wrong.”



Daenerys tried to strike a deal with Cersei before launching her attack. Picture: HBOSource:Foxtel

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