Dedrm Kindle For Mac And Pc Keys

I'd suggest tracking down a copy of Kindle for PC/Mac version 1.17 or earlier. Note #2: If you're trying to de-DRM Amazon's newer.kfx files, you'll also need to install the KFX conversion plugin. Full details and discussion, as well as archive containing the plugin, are at the provided link. Nov 11, 2020 3 Click on “Kindle” tab, if you are using the Kindle for PC/MAC version higher than 1.24, there will be a notification to remind you to downgrade your Kindle version, see below picture. Click the notification to open the window of downgrading the Kindle for PC and click on “Start” button to start the automatic downgrading process. DeDRMplugin; DeDRMKindle for Mac and PC KeyHelp.htm; Find file Blame History Permalink. Tools v6.0.2 d586f74f Apprentice Alf authored Apr 05, 2013.

Why downgrade kindle for pc/mac to older version? As amazon has released its new Kindle for PC/MAC version 1.25, its DRM scheme is much tougher than ever before. Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 (or higher version) will be encrypted with the new kindle kfx DRM, namely Kindle KFX 2. Currently there is not any software around the world can remove DRM from Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 or even higher version. As every software is not perfect, we believe that we can find the direct way to crack kindle new kfx DRM sooner or later. For readers who are reading this article, we have provided the temporary solution to bypass the kindle kfx 2 which is downgrading kindle for PC/Mac to older version. In this way, you can get the older kindle kfx books and find many tools on the market to decrypt these kindle books and convert them to any format as you like.

DeDRMプラグイン上にkindle for PCのキーが登録されていない場合があります。 設定→プラグイン→ファイル形式プラグイン→DeDRM→kindle for Mac/PC ebooks. で+ボタンをクリックし'Unique Key Name'欄に”defaultkey”と打ち込み再度トライしてみてください!. How to Remove DRM from Kindle KFX Books 2019 (Kindle for PC/Mac version 1.25/1.26) Since December 2018, Amazon changed their KFX DRM Scheme, which made the l.

Method 1. Manually Downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac
Method 2. Automatically Downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac

Notice: If you are on Mac Catalina 10.15, downgrading kindle to 1.23 or older will not work any more, but you still can remove Kindle DRM on Mac Catalina if you have any kindle e-ink device.

Method 1. Manually Downgrade Kindle for PC/MAC

Since the new kindle kfx DRM has been employed to kindle books from Kindle desktop version 1.25, we only need to downgrade Kindle App to version 1.24 or earlier. The latest kindle version before 1.25 for Kindle for PC is 1.24 while kindle for Mac is 1.23. In this part, I will walk you through how to downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac to older version manually.

Manually downgrade kindle for PC from 1.25 to 1.24.

1Run Kindle for PC. Go to the top menu bar, select “Tools”-->> “Options”.

2The option window will pop up. Select “Registration” at the left side and click on “Deregister”.

3In the popped up window, tick “ I understand….be removed from this device” and then click on “Deregister”.

4Uninstall Kindle for PC 1.25 and download Kindle for PC version 1.24.

5Install Kindle for PC 1.24 and then uncheck the Kindle automatically update option by clicking on 'Tools'-->>'Options'-->>'General'-->> uncheck “Automatically install updates when they are available without asking me.'

If the 'Software Update Available' notification pops up, please click on 'Skip this version' button. Then redownload the kindle books again via old kindle for PC/Mac.

The steps for downgrading Kindle for Mac is almost the same as downgrading Kindle for PC, but the older version for Kindle for Mac is 1.23. Referring detailed steps, please check how to downgrade Kindle for Mac to version 1.23.

Method 2. Automatically Downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac

If the above steps are a little bit complex for you, Epubor Ultimate can help you downgrade your Kindle for PC/Mac to older version automatically. What’s more, it can remove Kindle KFX DRM as well. Below are detailed steps.

1Download and install Epubor Ultimate.

2Run Epubor Ultimate. Click the menu button at the top left corner to display the book library of this software.

3Click on “Kindle” tab, if you are using the Kindle for PC/MAC version higher than 1.24, there will be a notification to remind you to downgrade your Kindle version, see below picture.

Click the notification to open the window of downgrading the Kindle for PC and click on “Start” button to start the automatic downgrading process.

Once finished, the old version of kindle for PC(version1.24) will be installed successfully and restart automatically on your computer.

Also, click on “Yes” to accept the Kindle Terms of Use in the popped up window. The Kindle for PC version 1.24 has been successfully installed.

Download Kindle For Mac

Just a few clicks, you can downgrade your Kindle for PC to older version. If you are using Mac, the steps are the same as on Windows, but the Kindle for Mac will be downgraded to version 1.23.

Note: If your MacOS has been updated to the MacOS10.15 Catalina, kindle for Mac 1.23 will no long work on your computer any more because it is the 32 bits application while the new MacOS 10.15 only supports 64 bits applications. But if you have a kindle e-ink device, here is the complete guide on How to Remove Kindle DRM on MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

Bonus tips--Remove kindle drm and convert kindle to any format

When the old version of Kindle desktop version has installed successfully, you can just register it and re-download your Kindle books.

Run Epubor Ultimate, then drag the Kindle books from the left bar to the right main interface, and all Kindle books will be decrypted successfully.

For converting kindle books, please choose the output format from central bottom button and click on “Convert to XX”.

Dedrm Kindle For Mac And Pc Keys Keyboard

Once finished, “succeeded” will appear at the end of each book title. Just click on the “Succeeded” or click on the “Output folder” at the bottom right to locate the converted files.

Since you have liberated your Kindle books, just enjoy it at any devices as you like.


These are two methods I want to share with you today for downgrading Kindle for PC/Mac. Compared with manually downgrading, automatic downgrading is much easier, especially for people who are not so good at computer operation. No matter which way you are using to downgrade Kindle application, the final goal you want to achieve is to remove Kindle DRM. Taking this into consideration, downgrading Kindle for PC/Mac automatically is your perfect choice because Epubor Ultimate cannot only help you downgrade Kindle application, but also remove Kindle DRM smoothly and easily. Why not give it a chance to help you now?

Iris Yan joined Epubor since 2017. She always wants to share everything related to ebook reading and improve your reading journey.

This plugin removes DRM from ebooks when they are imported into calibre. If you already have DRMed ebooks in your calibre library, you will need to remove them and import them again.


You have obviously managed to install the plugin, as otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this help file. However, you should also delete any older DeDRM plugins, as this DeDRM plugin replaces the five older plugins: Kindle and Mobipocket DeDRM (K4MobiDeDRM), Ignoble Epub DeDRM (ignobleepub), Inept Epub DeDRM (ineptepub), Inept PDF DeDRM (ineptepub) and eReader PDB 2 PML (eReaderPDB2PML).


On Windows and Mac, the keys for ebooks downloaded for Kindle for Mac/PC and Adobe Digital Editions are automatically generated. If all your DRMed ebooks can be opened and read in Kindle for Mac/PC and/or Adobe Digital Editions on the same computer on which you are running calibre, you do not need to do any configuration of this plugin. On Linux, keys for Kindle for PC and Adobe Digital Editions need to be generated separately (see the Linux section below)

If you have other DRMed ebooks, you will need to enter extra configuration information. The buttons in this dialog will open individual configuration dialogs that will allow you to enter the needed information, depending on the type and source of your DRMed eBooks. Additional help on the information required is available in each of the the dialogs.

If you have used previous versions of the various DeDRM plugins on this machine, you may find that some of the configuration dialogs already contain the information you entered through those previous plugins.

When you have finished entering your configuration information, you must click the OK button to save it. If you click the Cancel button, all your changes in all the configuration dialogs will be lost.


Dedrm kindle version

If you find that it’s not working for you , you can save a lot of time by trying to add the ebook to Calibre in debug mode. This will print out a lot of helpful info that can be copied into any online help requests.

Open a command prompt (terminal window) and type 'calibre-debug -g' (without the quotes). Calibre will launch, and you can can add the problem ebook the usual way. The debug info will be output to the original command prompt (terminal window). Copy the resulting output and paste it into the comment you make at my blog.

MacKindle for mac and pc keys dedrm

Note: The Mac version of Calibre doesn’t install the command line tools by default. If you go to the ‘Preferences’ page and click on the miscellaneous button, you’ll find the option to install the command line tools.


Dedrm Kindle For Mac And Pc Keys
  • The Dark Reverser for the Mobipocket and eReader scripts
  • i♥cabbages for the Adobe Digital Editions scripts
  • Skindle aka Bart Simpson for the Amazon Kindle for PC script
  • CMBDTC for Amazon Topaz DRM removal script
  • some_updates, clarknova and Bart Simpson for Amazon Topaz conversion scripts
  • DiapDealer for the first calibre plugin versions of the tools
  • some_updates, DiapDealer, Apprentice Alf and mdlnx for Amazon Kindle/Mobipocket tools
  • some_updates for the DeDRM all-in-one Python tool
  • Apprentice Alf for the DeDRM all-in-one AppleScript tool
  • Apprentice Alf for the DeDRM all-in-one calibre plugin
  • And probably many more.

For additional help read the FAQs at Apprentice Alf’s Blog and ask questions in the comments section of the first post.

Linux Systems Only

Dedrm Kindle For Mac And Pc Keys

Generating decryption keys for Adobe Digital Editions and Kindle for PC

If you install Kindle for PC and/or Adobe Digital Editions in Wine, you will be able to download DRMed ebooks to them under Wine. To be able to remove the DRM, you will need to generate key files and add them in the plugin's customisation dialogs.

To generate the key files you will need to install Python and PyCrypto under the same Wine setup as your Kindle for PC and/or Adobe Digital Editions installations. (Kindle for PC, Python and Pycrypto installation instructions in the ReadMe.)

Once everything's installed under Wine, you'll need to run the adobekey.pyw script (for Adobe Digital Editions) and kindlekey.pyw (For Kindle for PC) using the python installation in your Wine system. The scripts can be found in Other_Tools/Key_Retrieval_Scripts.

Each script will create a key file in the same folder as the script. Copy the key files to your Linux system and then load the key files using the Adobe Digital Editions ebooks dialog and the Kindle for Mac/PC ebooks dialog.