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I was able to install ETKA 8.0 and upgraded to 8.1 successfully on Windows 10 x64. Here are my exact steps :

Teilkatalog Volkswagen - ETKA Germany Ersatzteile Suche nach Originalnummer Volkswagen, Markt EUROPA #7zap. ETKA Electronic Catalogue V7.5 For Audi VW Seat Skoda (Multi-languages, test work 100%,and supply after-sale service for installation problem) And for the ETKA 7.5 Plus free download link check here: Free Download ETKA 7.5 / 7.4 / 7.3 Electronic Catalogue EKTA 8.1 Installation Instructions: Download all.rar Files, extract it and start ETK8.1.

  • Download the following files, you can find in the original post and/or in the rest of thread posts.

– ETKA8_Germany_International_2018
– ApplicationX64
– Etka Updates v1.8.1
– Etka Prices v1.8.1

  • Install ETKA 8 with from ETKA8_Germany_International_2018 , instructions can be found here: ETKA 8.1 Electronic Parts Catalogue Download FREE
  • If you receive DLL error, use DLL-PATCH. Make sure you close setup process properly before starting it.
  • Use ApplicationX64 if you have 64bit OS
  • Use ETK8_2018-V1_CORRECTION-INT to fix shortcut issue
  • Launch ETKA8 and make sure it’s working. At this point, it’ll tell you it’s expired.
  • Close ETKA8 and launch Etka Updates v1.8.1 . It’ll automatically download all updates from the internet.
  • Once all updates downloaded do NOT launch ETKA, close the updater.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not download 8.1 from the update popup. Keep clicking on Continue Data Upgrade. You will upgrade to 8.1 by using IX folder.
  • From this point, it’s important for you to ONLY install following updates. Otherwise, upgrade to 8.1 will fail.

VW 1241
SE 767
SK 773
AU 1247

Go into DATA folder (mine is in C:/ETKA/DATA) and find Updates folders under each main folder. Move all other updates newer than the versions listed above to somewhere on your Desktop. Anything newer then these updates will need ETKA 8.1 version. Don’t delete newer updates, you will need them later or you will need to use Etka Updates v1.8.1 to redownload again.

  • Launch ETKA8 and let software update. Once it’s finished make sure you have all versions are matching with the versions listed above.
  • Once you are done with the updates close the software and go into C:/ETKA/ and follow these steps.
  1. Prerequisite: The folder “C:ETKAPROGIX” is available in your ETKA Folder.
    2. Copy the contents of the folder “C:ETKAPROGIXPROG” to “C:ETKAPROG1” and overwrite the existing files.
    2. Copy the contents of the folder “C:ETKAPROGIXPROG” to “C:ETKAPROG2” and overwrite the existing files.
    3. Copy the contents of the folder “C:ETKAPROGIXDATA” to “C:ETKADATA” and overwrite the existing files.

Etka Download

  • After copying files you will need update following configuration files

C:ETKAPROGEtka _User_au.ini
C:ETKAPROGEtka _User_se.ini
C:ETKAPROGEtka _User_sk.ini
C:ETKAPROGEtka _User_vw.ini

  • and paste the following information at “POI”. Make sure you don’t have any space around = and end of each line.


Etka download
  • Move all newer updates back into Updates folder where you take them from. You can also use updater if you delete them.
  • Launch ETKA and finish remaining updates. Final versions will look like this based on the current updates.

VW 1247
SE 773
SK 779
AU 1247

Let me know if I can help with any question!

Thanks to Planet-Fireball and tutaste!


This tutorial here is for educational purpose only!


For any password and download request, pls go to

No one holds any responsibility of what you’ll try with etka 8

For sake of security, etka 7 tested version is your way to go

Vw Etka Download Free

100% tested and never expired!


What are the Installation Requirements for this program ?
– Full Admin rights
– At least 25 GB of free available Disk Space
– NET-Framework 2.0 or 4.0
– Disable Windows Defender, Firewall, Viruses, and background Programs
– Index Drive for fast File search (Checkmark put under: DriveProperties)

Vw Etka Online

How to Update ?
To keep you installation up-to-date you can use the Update Link on the desktop !

Vw Etka Free

If you have a problem in installing ETKA in terms of:
– mfc100.dll
– msvcr100.dll
– msvcp100.dll
Please download the DLL_PATCH, extract and run it.
Needed Files in the attached link: dll_patch.rar

Etka Audi Online

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