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By Chen Nan China Daily Updated: 2020-06-20 10:53

It should probably come as a big surprise that a Mandarin song, Yi Jian Mei, or One Plum Blossom, from a 1984 Taiwan TV drama with the same title, has become a viral phenomenon.

It's also equally surprising that 65-year-old veteran singer, Fei Yu-ching, who performs the song and announced his retirement with his last concert held in Taipei on Nov 7, 2019, has won over a group of new fans in Western countries with his mellifluous and smoothing voice.

One version of the song has been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube. According to digital music service Spotify, the song was also hugely popular on the music charts of New Zealand, Norway and Finland.

Fei Yu Ching Concert 2019 Taiwan Drama

The popularity of the song started with a Chinese man, who performed the song in the snow and posted it online on Kuaishou on Jan 20. His video was shared on YouTube in February and attracted the attention of many viewers with his unique voice. It scored more than 400,000 views.

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  • Both Fei Yu-ching and Ritchie Ren voted that they are interested in him, so they duke it out and unfortunately for Ritchie Ren, Fei Yu-ching gave his identity away during their chat with Xu Weizhou, so he was doubly pissed. Again, unfortunately for him, Xu Weizhou chose Fei Yu-ching, so he was left seething in anger.
  • He was born Chang Yen-ching in Taipei, Taiwan on 17 July 1955. His eldest sister is Chang Yan-qiong, was a singer formerly known as Jenny Fei, and later became a buddhist nun in 1991 best known as Heng Shu (恆述法師). His elder brother Chang Fei is also a singer and host.

Fei Yu Ching Concert Article date: Fri 1st Nov,2019 At present, Fei Yuqing ’s farewell concert is only the last stop, so many netizens are very concerned about Fei Yuqing’s farewell to the concert.

Within the past couple of months, the song has been adapted into different versions, including a hip-hop version and with a clip from the Regular Show, an American animated television series. It has been shared on popular social media platforms, such as TikTok and Twitter.

'The song has been popular for decades among Chinese music fans. I didn't expect that it could reach audiences in the West. My parents still listen to the song. Indeed, it's a great song,' commented a Chinese fan on Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform.

Fei Yu Ching Concert 2019 Taiwan Festival

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As famous Taiwanese host Chang Fei and singer Fei Yu-ching are, there are still people who aren’t aware that the brothers have an older sister, Jenny Fei, who bowed out of showbiz over 30 years ago. She was then ordained as a Buddhist monk and became known as Venerable Heng Shu, although she recently started dabbling in the diamond trade as a means to earn money.

Earlier this week, Taiwanese media went to town with shocking reports that the 70-year-old owes over 20 loansharks a total of NT$30mil (S$1.4 mil). On March 16, Heng Shu updated her Facebook to say, “I’m on the way to the United States to meet the boss of my Israeli diamond dealer, who has expressed his interest to support me to become the biggest diamond dealer in Asia. [With his help], I will soon get over the current hardships.”

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    Her post has been criticised by netizens who argue that a nun should not be involved in worldly affairs, and what's even more surprising is that she is dealing with luxury goods.

    Even her brothers seem to have had enough of her antics. Chang Fei, 68, told Taiwanese news outlet Apple Daily that he would no longer be paying off his sister's debts, and that he and Yu-ching will cut off all ties with her should she continue with her current behaviour.

    “Over the past 40 years, Yu-ching and I have paid off more than NT$200mil (S$9.5mil) of her debts. I can no longer let her cross the line,” he declared. “We paid off NT$16mil (S$761,700) for her last February. We just found out that she owes people NT$30mil (S$1.4mil) now. How could she do that in a single year? Yu-ching and I don’t own gold mines and nobody is able to help her.”

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    When asked to explain how she has managed to spend this much money in 13 months, Chang Fei explained, “She’s a kind-hearted person. She doesn’t gamble but she is too generous. When she goes overseas with her believers, she pays for everything. Just the accommodation and food alone cost NT$3mil (S$143,000). Usually, it’s the believers who pay for the monk’s expenses, but she’s doing the opposite.”

    Chang Fei mused that her current business plan was also likely to have required a great deal of money, as she would have to fork out a lot of cash in order to secure the diamonds that she hopes to sell.
    However, he was quick to criticise her. “If she wants to continue dabbling in the diamond business, she should also let go of her status as a nun,” he shared. “She needs to settle this on her own. We’ve had enough and we absolutely refuse to help her pay off her debts (…) We used to do so because we didn’t want our parents to worry about her. Now that they’re no longer around, we also need to think about our own retirement. If push comes to shove, I’ll cut off all ties with her. I’ve done my best for her.”

    Photos: Apple Daily, PBE Media


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