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At GVNotifier.SessionModel.b20 Not a clue how to fix this and I very, very, heavily rely on this program to work. Corruptinglyneedful changed the title GVN not logging in 2016 GVX missing after redirect causing GVN to not log in. GVNotifier is essentially a Google Voice desktop app that allows users to access almost all of Google Voice’s functionality without having to open a browser window. The latest version of GVNotifier allows for voicemail playback, Windows 7 Jump List integration, contacts list, chat and even calling from the app itself.

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GrandCentral is now known as Google Voice. It is one of several Internet Voicemail Services. Google Voice enables users to send text messages, customize voicemail, read voicemail text transcript, and more.

Google's voicemail service is available for Gmail users that have another phone number to register with the service. Google provides the service without charging money. Their revenue comes from the data they harvest out of your calls and text messages that you send and receive through the service. They use data gathered to create targeted advertising.

Google Voice is meant for United States users only, however, using a proxy many individuals overseas are using Google Voice. Google does not seem concerned about the overseas use at this time.

There are privacy concerns using Google Voice. Depending on how sensitive your communications are, you may wish to reconsider using Google Voice. If your communications are not private then the service can be very useful. It makes a great front end number for a new business.

Hacking Google Voice is about ways to customize the service to better serve your needs. This includes software that works with Google Voice for your PC, as well as your smart phone. Hacking Google Voice is _not_ about educating you on how to invade another user's privacy.

Google Voice cannot directly place calls. Some recommend using Google Voice with Skype for a complete multi number, Internet VoIP telephone service.

  • 1Web Front End
  • 2Software for the PC (Windows)
  • 5Miscellaneous Help

Web Front End

The web front end works best when used in Google Chrome web browser. The Google Voice Front End can be reached by the following URL:

You must have a Google Login (such as your gmail login) to use Google Voice. It must be associated with a land line or other phone service so you can place calls. Only one Google Voice number per gmail.

Google Chrome Widgets

Software for the PC (Windows)


Desktop dialer for Google Voice. GVDialer is a Windows tray application that provides a front end to various Google Voice features.Easily place voice calls and send SMS messages. Fast access to contacts and recently used numbers. Runs independent of internet browser.


GVNotifier is a full-fledged desktop Google Voice Client that can send or receive messages, listen to or read voicemail, connect calls and more. GVNotifier is a portable application. Supports Windows XP/Vista/7. GVNotifier requires .NET 3.5sp1- Microsoft .Net Framework and utilizes the Windows Presentation Foundation.

Gvnotifier Windows 10

Software for the PC (Linux)

Android Apps

Miscellaneous Help

Incoming calls show my Google Voice number instead of the caller's

Google actually has no way to fix this in their new Google Voice version. You have to revert to the old Google Voice in order to fix this.

Do the following:

Gmail Notifier Windows 10

  1. On your computer, open Google Voice.
  2. At the top left, click Menu Menu and then Legacy Google Voice. Google Voice will look different, but you're in the right place.
  3. On the right, click the gear for settings
  4. Click the Calls tab
  5. Caller ID (incoming) - Display caller's number.

This does not correct the change in behavior staring in 2018, prior the incoming caller's # always displayed when using voice.google.com via Chrome on a PC and the above setting only pertained to how the incoming call was displayed on a mobile phone that the call was forwarded to. Now the setting applies to both. Why in the hell would I want to see my own number for all incoming calls on the PC? It is obvious to anyone that they are logged into that particular GV account when on the PC. It is on the mobile phone the distinction should be optional. Where is the logic Google? Stupid.

It would not be necessary to install the Google Voice bloatware app on the mobile phone to compensate for the ill behavior if Google would correct the situation restoring functionality to previous conditions.

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Gvnotifier Reviews

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