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So I try to play Happy Wheels, and it get's stuck loading the advertisement.:/ I've tried disabling my firewall and ad-blocker, but no luck there.:o I have. EVERY.ing time I try to play happy wheels one of these problems happen: 1. It wont load just white screen, 2. It wont load just blue screen, 3. The game itself wont load. I could be here till another christmas writing these problems By ImSteephillPlaysYT on February 17, 2019.

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Happy Wheels Total Jerkface is an online game which has unrestricted access. This game involves getting an accident in different sensation. This accident happens to every player in the game including you. It gives a clear insight of how accidents usually happen in real life which leads to bone fracture, loss of consciousness and sometimes death. You play this game using the primary control keys. These include the shift bar, four arrows, space bar, control key and the letter Z. Space is used to provide special ability while the left makes you lean left or backward while the right key makes you lean right. The down and up key enables you to move forward and reverse respectively. The control and shift keys enable you to move the arms and legs. Finally, the arrow keys allow you to control your vehicle. The goal of Happy Wheels Total Jerkface game is to collect tokens along the way and also reach the finish line. However, this goal varies as you move from one level to another. This game is popular for its violence though in the racing game there is rare. Along the game, plays can be crushed or shot by several obstacles. Loss of limbs and animated blood is also common in this game.