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Multisim & Ultiboard (Circuit Design Suite) PowerPro 12.0.1 New version NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0.1, includes the familiar products: NI Multisim schematic capture and simulation environment and NI Ultiboard layout and routing. Nov 26, 2012 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0 Software 4 hours NI-Circuit-Design-Suite-Power-Pro-12-0 Applications 5 days Multisim: NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0: Cracked Software 6 hours Multisim - NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0 - Cracked Apps 18 hours NI.

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TitleDevelopment Software Circuit Design Suite Base Edition

National Instruments Multisim Power Pro Edition is the premier NI circuit simulation and analysis environment is for engineers focused on optimizing circuit design performance. Features included optimized design behavior with 20 advanced analyses and 22 virtual instruments, comprehensive database of more than 28,000 devices and simulation models and advanced integration with real measurement data for custom design verification. The Multisim Power Pro Edition also includes advanced project management; with project packing, version control, and advanced spreadsheet view.

CompanyNational Instruments
DatasheetDownload 779930-35 Datasheet
ManufacturerNational Instruments
Product CategoryDevelopment Software
For Use WithNI PXI, CompactRIO, Compact FieldPoint
BrandNational Instruments
Description/FunctionNI Circuit Design Suite Base Edition
Multisim power pro 12 gauge
Features, Applications

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Integrated Design and Test Platform with NI Multisim, Ultiboard, and LabVIEW NI Circuit Design Suite ­ Multisim and Ultiboard

Combining the powerful design capabilities of NI Multisim capture and simulation software, the flexible routing of NI Ultiboard software, and the industry-leading graphical programming of NI LabVIEW software, the NI Circuit Design Suite provides an innovative platform that integrates the design and test of board-level circuits (Figure 1). You can improve productivity by using this completely streamlined design flow to quickly define and prototype your circuit designs. As engineering schedules shorten, and budgets tighten, you need to be able to use powerful design tools to quickly prototype error-free circuits. Integration throughout the design flow, from design simulation to prototype validation, can ensure your success. Back to Top

Intuitive and easy-to-use capture environment Dynamic visualization of design behavior Interactive circuit simulation and industry-standard analysis capabilities Database of more than 16,000

Flexible design environment for intuitive layout Efficient control of parts and copper placement Ability to export to industry-standard formats (Gerber, DXF)

Multisim design integrated with LabVIEW test Correlate simulated and real measurements Automate Multisim simulation in LabVIEW

With this unique design platform, you can take advantage of advanced features within the easy-to-use and graphical Multisim environment. You can use design validation in the earliest stages of the design flow to reduce errors and prototype iterations. Multisim integrates with National Instruments measurement technology within a single design platform, so you can effectively use simulation and real measurements to more accurately characterize performance. With such an advanced approach, you can proactively, rapidly, and cost-effectively improve your design and design productivity.

Figure 1. Take advantage of an integrated design and test platform, from Multisim capture and simulation, to Ultiboard layout and routing, to LabVIEW validation and verification.

In the intuitive Multisim environment, you can access a comprehensive component library. In a modeless design environment, you can quickly define circuit topology and then take advantage of advanced simulation to investigate design behavior More than 16,000 device components Simulation of models from Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, and ON Semiconductor Easy-to-use and well-organized database

Simulation improves the design flow. You can identify errors and quickly iterate design modifications to improve behavior prior to prototyping. By reducing prototype iterations, you save time and resources Easy-to-use simulation in a highly graphical environment that requires no SPICE expertise Choice of 22 simulation instruments (Figure 3) to visualize design behavior 19 industry-standard analyses, such as AC analysis and Monte Carlo, for greater design insight Error identification at the earliest stages of the design flow to improve characteristic performance

Figure 2. Quickly and easily define circuits in Multisim.

Figure 3. Use intuitive simulation instruments and analyses to validate design behavior without expertise in SPICE.

Multisim 10.1 provides new and enhanced SPICE parser technology, to improve circuit convergence and accuracy, as well as expanded PSpice compatibility. This along with the growing range of visualization techniques and advanced analyses gives you a complete set of tools to analyze circuit behavior.

Go beyond conventional simulation by using LabVIEW to introduce real measurements as simulation stimuli. You can model and improve designs based on the effects of real-world inputs to tweak circuit behavior and identify design limitations and possible enhancements before prototyping a physical board. To tailor the analysis for an application, you can take advantage of Multisim and LabVIEW integration to create custom LabVIEW instruments to meet domain-specific criteria. Virtually prototype circuits by injecting real measurements into Multisim simulation Download or build additional LabVIEW VIs to analyze simulated data with greater accuracy Integrated Design and Test Platform with NI Multisim, Ultiboard, and LabVIEW

Multisim provides integration with Ultiboard and the ability to forward annotate to Mentor Graphics PADS. With Ultiboard, the layout process is completely integrated with features such as cross-probing and annotation of design. From part placement to routing, Ultiboard offers a flexible platform to design your printed circuit boards (PCBs). The flexible Ultiboard design environment delivers automated functionality for speed and manual techniques for precise control. This flexibility, along with Multisim integration, optimizes the PCB design process so you can easily take a design from schematic to production (Figure 4).

Streamline the Design Flow with Unparalleled Integration to LabVIEW

The NI circuit design platform delivers the unique and unparalleled ability to transition a design to not only layout but also the prototype validation and test stages. LabVIEW (Figure is a graphical programming language you can use to easily, rapidly, and cost-effectively interface with measurement hardware, analyze data, and share results. Using virtual instrumentation, you can connect to NI measurement hardware ­ such as GPIB or PXI modular instrumentation ­ and with LabVIEW interrogate physical prototypes from your PC.

By integrating Multisim and LabVIEW, you can transfer simulated measurements to LabVIEW to compare with real prototype data. You can immediately benchmark and correlate design measurements to validate circuit behavior. With the Multisim Automation API, you can use any COM-aware programming language (such as LabVIEW) to access simulated data. You also can automate simulation to run from LabVIEW as well as correlate it to real measurements in a single interface. To learn more about how you can access the Multisim Automation API in LabVIEW (Figure 6) using unique toolkits, view

Figure 6. Automate Multisim simulation with LabVIEW.
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NI Circuit Design Suite NI Circuit Design Suite Base (Multisim Base and Ultiboard Full) NI Circuit Design Suite Full (Multisim Full and Ultiboard Full) NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro (Multisim Power Pro and Ultiboard Power Pro)

No accessories required. No accessories required. No accessories required.
Some Part number from the same manufacture National Instruments

MultiSIM BLUE Premium is 's professional integrated circuit design tool. Unlimited components and unlimited custom components are now available in this Premium edition, along with unlimited schematic


National Instruments VirtualBench all-in-one instrument combines 5 instruments into 1 device that seamlessly integrates with PCs and iPads. The VirtualBench includes a mixed-signal oscilloscope with


National Instruments Circuit Design Suite combines NI Multisim and Ultiboard software for a complete circuit design, simulation, validation, and layout platform. The suite is attractively priced for substantial


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  • Multisim Crack Serial Number Automate Assessment with the Multisim API Toolkit
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Multisim Power Pro 12 Volt

  • Having a straightforward standard of understanding gadgets engineer impeccable
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  • Record similarity with NI Circuit Design Suite 10.0.x
  • In the same way, English, German and Japanese Localization
  • Upgrades to NI LabVIEW instruments in this product
  • In the same way, Increases to the part database

System Requirements NI Multisim!!

  • Windows: Window XP/ Vista/ Window 7, Window 8, Window 8.1, Window 10/
  • RAM / Pentium 4
  • Slam: 512 MB or less needed
  • Hard Disk Space is 2 GB or less
  • Processor: Intel Core 1.33 GHz or more recommended

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