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Need For Speed Carbon free download is one of the few games that is released for almost all platforms. Set in a fictprotonal city known as Coast City, Carbon is with a significantly different plot and storyline as compared to other Need For Speed games. For the first time ever in NFS video games trilogy, Need For Speed Carbon free download.

It's hard to believe that there are so many games into the Need for Speed franchise. Over twenty years of more than yearly releases, the series has been around for quite a long time now. It's hard to stay fresh after being so long on a single game market. Car games can either be too realistic or too arcade-like, and Need For Speed has been on both sides of the story.

So, after being on both sides of the spectrum, does this game really changes something? And more importantly, is Need For Speed Payback doing enough to stay relevant even after a break?

  1. 8/10 (5110 votes) - Download Need for Speed Most Wanted Free. Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the best games from the EA saga. Compete to climb to the top of the Blacklist and don't get caught by the police.
  2. Need for Speed Most wanted combines the tuner customization of Need for Speed Underground with an expanded take on the police chases of the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit series. In Need for Speed Most Wanted, users will also be able to go head-to-head with their opponents while simultaneously trying to avoid more than six different police cars at.
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Half a step into the right direction

While Need For Speed Payback does a lot of things right, most of those things were already there. Sure the 'open world' mechanics and the more-than-races missions seem new, but they've been present in past titles.

Innovation can be a double-edged weapon, longtime fans may find it hard to accept drastic changes, but some changes would have been appreciated. From a graphics perspective, the game looks solid, not the best but looks good. However, just good isn't enough to justify the hiccups and problems with performance.

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Need For Speed Payback leans more to the side of arcade-like racing than realism, and that's alright. But after a little break in the franchise, you'd expect them to come up with something more original than this title. It's a nice, solid title, but it isn't great.

Nfs Com Free Download Windows 7

reggie posted a review

Need for Speed Rivals is a racing video game that lets you decide whether to fight on the side of good as a police officer or on the side of bad as a street racer.

Set in Redview County, Need for Speed Rivals is a unique game that gets better each time you play it. When you start out as a police officer, you complete assignments that put you up against the criminals in the game. Each time you complete one of those assignments, you unlock a new one and unlock new gear and equipment. If you play as a criminal, you must also complete objectives to unlock new missions and equipment that can help you outrun the cops.

Those missions require some smart and talented driving. Some put you in the middle of a race and require that you finish in a specific spot or near the top of the pack to move on, while others test your maneuverability skills or how well you can handle yourself in dangerous situations. When not working on your objectives, you can explore the world of Redview County, which features obstacles like speed traps. Whether you play as an officer or a criminal, you can also unlock gadgets that you can use on other players, including EMP traps, roadblocks, and spike strips.

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Need for Speed Rivals includes two social features that let you connect with others. With Autolog, you can now record your fastest lap times and top speeds, post that content online, and see how you compare to other players. AllDrive is a brand new feature found on this game that lets you play in co-op mode against friends who also own the game. You can race against each other or play together to unlock new content.

The game features lots of content that you can unlock. You can start out with one of several cars and then unlock new vehicles and upgrade those models with achievements you make within the game. It also lets you play your favorite missions and proceed through the game when you lack an internet connection. The only issue you might have with Need for Speed Rivals is that you must depend on your keyboard to move. You may want to change the settings to race a little easier.


  • Customized features let you create your own sleek ride
  • Two options give you the chance to play as a cop or a criminal
  • Brand new rides include some top models from Ferrari
  • Features a large open world that players can explore
  • Realistic scenes and settings make you feel like a real racer


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  • Many players experience some lag issues because of frame problems
  • Delays are common in online matches
  • Co-op mode requires that all players own the game
  • Not everyone likes the keyboard usage and settings