P90x Diet Levels

Many times people who start P90X end up either ignoring the nutrition guide or avoiding it because of the “WTF” complexity of the guide. Below you’ll find the easy to use P90X Nutrition Plan calculator and tips to get the BEST results that you deserve with the program.

The Simple P90X Nutrition Plan Calculator

Why do I have this calculator here? Because I love you guys! Also, it’s because I want to help you get the RESULTS you Deserve (that is what Team Sweet Life Fitness is ALL about!). This P90X Nutrition Plan Calculator can help fill the void when it comes to figuring out how to lose the most body fat.

The daily diet should consist of 50% proteins, 30% carbohydrates and 20% fats. The fat shredder phase is further divided into three levels, according to which the number of portions that a person has to consume are determined. A person has to determine which nutrition level he is in before starting to follow the P90X nutrition plan. The caloric breakdown during this phase will be 20% protein, 60% carbohydrates and 2-% fat. The Endurance Maximizer is an athletic type of diet which includes a well-balanced blend of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats. Phase 3 of the P90X diet, the Endurance Maximizer, is nicknamed an athletic diet for this reason: unless you have extremely low body-fat levels, you should avoid this phase of the diet entirely and stick to the Energy Booster phase or you’ll likely add unwanted body fat. The P90X Meal plan eating schedule.

The number that shows up in the “YOUR ENERGY AMOUNT” column is what you need for this below chart. The key is to find which level you have, and round down to the bottom of the level to create a slight calorie deficit.

NEXT, now that you know your Nutrition Calorie Level, it’s time to determine the nutritional proportion phase that fits your goal.

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P90X Nutrition Plan Calculator – The Nutritional Proportions

There are three major nutritional phases to the P90X Nutrition Plan calculator. Know that this does NOT mean you would have to do each Phase of the Nutrition Plan along with each phase of the P90X Schedule. You can stay in these nutritional phases longer than 30 days based on your goals and progression as explained below:

  • Phase 1 – Fat Shredder: This is the primary phase for shedding excess body fat while building some muscle. Stay on this phase long enough to experience the benefits; HOWEVER, if you feel like you are lacking energy during the workout, go to Phase 2. In order for body fat to burn off, you have to gain enough energy to push yourself to the max every day (In otherwords, “BRING IT”).
  • Phase 2 – Energy Booster: This phase is the long-term sustainable plan that can help continue to burn fat while building lean muscle as you grow with the program. During maintenance periods and in most other fitness programs, this is my “go-to” phase recommendation.
  • Phase 3 – Endurance Maximizer: This nutrition proportion must be earned! This is something you get to do once you are ready to take your fitness to the whole next level (and a great partner to the P90X Doubles schedule or Mass schedule).

Below is the chart explaining the macronutrients for each phase. Check the info below the chart for a SUPER Simple way to track all of this (call it the “secrets of the ripped” if you will).

The Next Step for P90X Nutrition Plan Calculator Success

Now that you know your Calories and your Phase Macronutrients to eat each day, what is the next step? Here are a few sources that you can start with:

FIRST: Get a MyFitnessPal.com account and TRACK Daily. I know…sounds sickening, but trust me it works more than you can imagine. See How to Use MyFitnessPal for my walk-through on how to set this up with P90X.

SECOND: Determine your grocery list. I always like to plan ahead to save me from sudden emergencies. You can also check out some great resources such as:

  • Good Sources of Protein (especially helpful on the Phase 1 Fat shredder diet).
  • My Grocery List (I used this for P90X3, but it works for any of the X programs).

The most important thing is to follow these things consistently and BRING IT daily in your workouts. The combination of both the good P90X Nutrition Plan Calculator and the Workouts will help you get closer to the results you deserve.

Yours in Success,

Coach Bob

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You can find the P90X Nutrition Plan here and use it accordingly


  • The P90X Meal Plan

You may try to exercise as hard as you can, but if you don’t control what you eat, your results may not be the way you want them to be. What improves fitness is the input you give to your body.

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P90x food list

Beachbody knows that fitness is not only exercising, but proper nutrition, too. That’s why every one of their Programs include nutrition guide.

I have a fitness and nutrition degree, with vast knowledge of exercise and solutions to get in shape. That’s why I know that without the right nutrition plan you can only achieve 20-30% of your results. But, to get the rest you’ll have to eat properly, according to your fitness efforts.

That’s what Beachbody and Toni Horton know, so with experts’ help they have designed the P90X Meal plan according to the workout phases.

The P90X Meal Plan

It is a three phase nutrition plan that provides the right food so that you endure throughout the workout plan and build your body the way you want it to be.

P90x diet levels list

The meals will fuel your body with enough calories and nutrients so that you feel full and have the energy to complete the workouts with easiness.

But, this is not a meal plan unique for all. It’s a meal plan that is fully customizable for everyone to create according to their needs. It’s because not everyone is built the same and one size does not fit all.

The P90X meal plan is in 3 phases:

Phase 1 of the P90X diet, also the Fat-Shredder phase,

Is a diet high in protein, low in fat, and low in carbohydrates. During this first phase, you may notice significant loss of energy from the lower carbohydrates, but also significant weight loss.

Phase 2 of the P90X diet, the Energy Booster,

is similar 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat.

Phase 3 of the P90X diet, the Endurance Maximizer,

is nicknamed an athletic diet for this reason: unless you have extremely low body-fat levels, you should avoid this phase of the diet entirely and stick to the Energy Booster phase or you’ll likely add unwanted body fat.

The P90X Meal plan eating schedule

The P90X Meal plan will fit well into anyone’s eating schedule – five meals: three main meals and two snacks a day, and is fairly easy to follow, especially once you figure out your portion sizes.

The start of this Meal plan is Phase 1. However, you decide how long you stay in each phase. It’s recommended you go through each phase, but the time you take with each one depends on your daily caloric needs, energy level and previous eating habits. If any of the phases make you feel not ready to go with the workouts, you should consider changing the phase and fuel your body properly so that you are able to finish P90X workouts.

Phase 1

Fat Shredder is the first Phase of the meal plan. It’s the start of the Meal plan and the start of P90X.

That’s the phase when you will shred the most body fat because the diet is mostly protein intake, reducing carbs and fat intake. Calories that will enter your body will be 50% from protein, 30% from carbohydrates and 20% from fats. Most of your meals in this phase will consist of vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats.

This way of eating will lead to quick losing weight. And because your carbohydrate intake is limited it will decrease water retention and burn fat, because the fuel source: carbs aren’t there.

So, if you need more fat and weight to lose you can stay longer in this phase. It’s up to you.


P90X Meal Plan: Phase 2

Energy Booster is the second phase of the P90X Nutrition. It includes meals that will help you endure in your P90X challenge. Now, you can take more carbs, but the same amount fat as in Phase 1. Calories that will enter your body will be 40% from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and 20% from fats. The carbs intake will provide your body extra energy, thus improve your fitness. This will help you continue with the P90X workouts and not give up because of lack of endurance.

P90X Meal Plan: Phase 3

Beachbody P90x Diet

Endurance Maximizer is the last phase of the P90X nutrition. After completion of P90X workouts this is the nutrition to keep. In this phase the carbs intake is once again increased, and the fats intake remains the same. So, the calories that will enter your body will be 20% from protein, 60% from carbohydrates and 20% from fats.

This is a diet plan that athletes can follow and keep their performance to a high level. It is a balanced nutrition plan that includes complex carbs (for more energy and endurance), lean proteins (for muscles creation) and healthy fats (again for energy). This will help you finish P90X, after you’ve lost the excess weight, and get much stronger.

The good thing in the whole Meal Plan is that you have no restriction in how long you stay at any phase. You can be in the first phase for 1 week, or 2 months. It’s up to you and your body how much you want to stay in each phase. It deppends on how you feel and what kind of results you need to achieve.

You are advised to customize your plan according to your needs. What should be your guidance are your bi-weekly measurements that shows your progression. They will show you if you need to make changes to your Meal plan.

P90x Nutrition

You can find the P90X Nutrition Plan here and use it accordingly.

What are your experiences with the P90X Nutrition plan? Do you need any advice?

P90x Meal Guide

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