Panelmate Configuration Editor

OPC Device Addressing within the PanelMate Configuration Editor All addressing syntax checking is the responsibility of the OPC Server. The way it works is the OPC client requests a data item by “name”, the OPC server validates that the data. II Configuration Editor User’s Guide About This Manual Purpose This manual focuses on describing the features of the PanelMate Power pro Configuration Editor Software. What’s Inside This manual is organized in the following way: Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1: Installing the Configuration Software Chapter 2: Main Screen.

hello everybody.
I am looking for this old software to program these olg message displays from cutler hammer. it is a ms-dos software ... Panelmate Configuration Editor
i think it´s called ' Micro PanelMate Configuration Editor '. I can´t find it nowhere.
is there anybody that has got it?
I have some of this old message displays and i would like to make them useful.
here there´s some information about these displays.... ... 030256.pdf
So, i´ll be thankful if someone could send it to me.

Panelmate Power Pro Software

thanks in advance
from portugal

Cutler Hammer Panelmate Software