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This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Kesten Garess is a Pathfinder: Kingmaker NPC that may serve your kingdom as an advisor in the capacity of a Warden. Kesten is a noble of Brevoy and Rostland with a troubled past of lost love and titled name.

Save your game, then head over to the owlbear, and more importantly, to the chest behind it. In this chest you’ll find a Belt of Physical Perfection +2. A potential spot of difficulty may arise with the fact that the chest requires a Perception 15 check to spot, which should be technically passable by any character, but it may require some. Kesten will insist on searching for this “Lamashtu’s Womb” once he hears about it, suggesting you return to the capital and save the people - including Jhod - who may be dealing with a nightmare scenario. He will not be dissuaded from this task, and left alone, Jhod and Kesten are both in mortal peril.

An Amusement for the Nobles

You will need to meet with everyone in the Hunting Lodge, or just wait until the quest is updated and there is a prompt to meet with people in the throne room. You will learn that in addition to the monster, another misfortune has come to the kingdom — people are dying because of an unknown disease, and your advisers want to carry out an operation. After that, all three of the following story quests will begin.

After the conversation in the Hunting Lodge, head to the Hunting Grounds which is located above the Lodge. Deal with various monsters, talk to people around, and the quest will be completed soon enough.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Season Of Bloom Save Kesten

The Seed of Sorrow

This task you will complete before the others: just go to Jhod Kavken and tell him you are ready to proceed with the operation. Save your game just in case, and then choose the option that allows you to pass the test and save the patient. Defeat Ferocious Owlbear and complete the quest.

Witch Hunt

Pathfinder Kingmaker Kesten

Head down from the capital to find the place where Shrine of Lamashtu is located. Go there, talk to Kesten and start the tracking. Defeat the enemies, move up and follow the trail of the escaped Lamashtu priest. You will enter the tavern by the road, the owner of which is the dwarf called Dumra. Talk to her and the other guests — a couple and widow Olika. You will receive the keys to their rooms. The key to Dumra’s room is in the warehouse, where you can go through the kitchen. Tsanna, Dumra’s servant, will be in the kitchen.

After talking with everyone, go upstairs and look around the rooms. Next, talk to people one by one. Olika says that Dumra was the last to appear in the room. Ask Dumra about this, she will tell you that she was in the kitchen because Tsanna dropped some dishes. If you go to the warehouse, you will realize that someone recently used the back door. The dishes in the kitchen are not washed. Tell Kesten that you suspect Tsanna. Defeat her in battle and decide what to do: pardon her, expel her, expel everybody involved in this, or allow her to perform the last ritual to save Olika’s child. One way or another, the quest will be completed. By the way, even if you suspect another person, Tsanna just comes out of the kitchen and attack you.

Mother of Monsters

Head to the Goblin Village to the right of the capital, enter its territory and fight with huge monsters, which are controlled by the small jerks. You need to get to the top part of the location, where you have to kill the Owlbear and talk to Nok-Nok. The goblin can be killed, left alone or allowed to join you. Whatever you decide, the quest will be completed, netting you 600 XP.

Season of Bloom

Leave the capital and head to the right, along the river. Next to it, you will find a new green marker (a bit lower and to the right of the goblin village you visited before). Go and talk with Kesten. Follow the only path there is, killing goblins and freeing or killing their prisoners. In the end, you will get to the shaman. Defeat him, talk about everything and move back to Kesten’s camp. Help him in the battle against the monsters, then return to the capital.

Defeat as many mutants as you have to until you reach the entrance to the throne room. Here, chat with the guard for a bit. A cut-scene showing the appearance of a giant monster will play. Head to the monster, beat the minions, go back to the throne room and kill the creature. Talk to Jhod Kavken to complete this part of the quest.

Now you know where the mutants are coming from. You need to go to the right along the river, reach a huge lake, cross it and find the cave icon in the bottom right — this is the Womb of Lamashtu. Make your way through the cave until you find yourself in a location with colorful flowers. Defeat the enemies and catch the bird near the tree, acquiring the bird in the cage.

Go through the blue mist — it will teleport you, changing some objects of the location. Climb up following the Guardian of the Bloom, watch the cut-scene and proceed to the right through the blue mist to meet a strange gnome. Talk to him to hear a riddle with a hint. There is a stone nearby — out the bird in the cage on it, and then interact with the fire near the gnome to change the day to night. As a result, the bird will turn into bird’s bones. Take them.

Gnome gave you a magic lantern. Equip it and activate with a panel in the center of the screen. You do not really have to do it since the lantern turns on anyway when equipped (RMB). It allows you to go through the mist without teleporting. Using the lantern, reach the top left corner and discover a far blue mist. Use it to alter the location and see that very flower. Destroying it with weapons is useless — a new one will immediately grow in its place.

You need to re-enter the blue mist near the flower so that it disappears, go down and walk a bit to the right to the lake. Kill the nearest enemy and interact with the lake. Place the remains of the bird in it, then fetch some poisoned water and head back to the flower. To see it again, enter the mist. Maybe you will have to it twice. Use the water on the flower, talk to the gnome and decide who will enter the cave and who will deal with the flower from this side. The main catch here is that the companions who are left with the main character must have fire spells or an ability to use fire scrolls. You will need those to beat the magical Scythe-Tree. Then, defeat the remaining enemies in the cave and burn down the flower. You can decide if you want to take a part of its root before doing so.

Go out and return to the capital to gather the council in the throne room. This completes the quest and the chapter.

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Image credit to Owlcat Games

Just last year, Owlcat Games took on the mighty task of turning Paizo Publishing’s Pathfinder role-playing game into a full-fledged video game. The title has since cultivated a cult following of dedicated fans. That being said, the game is not all that easy. If you want to master Pathfinder: Kingmaker, there is one part of the game in particular you will likely need help with. You will need to learn how to manage your kingdom.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker features a complex kingdom management system that requires constant care and supervision from the player. There is an option within the game to allow the A.I. to manage the kingdom for you. However, some players have decided to forgo the A.I.’s help in favor of a better challenge.

If you want to learn some useful tips and tricks to managing your kingdom, check out the information below.

1. Know Your Stats

Pathfinder kingmaker can you save kesten

When it comes to managing your kingdom, you will want to pay attention to every single stat available to you. In total, there are 10 primary stats. If any one of these values gets too low, you may be in deep trouble. But, don’t worry. There are ways to keep their levels high.

Each primary stat has an advisor, which will oversee your kingdom with varying success based on their attributes. You can see a full breakdown of the concept down below.

Primary StatAdviserAttribute
DivineHigh PriestWisdom
RelationsGrand DiplomatCharisma

In order to keep each of these primary stats high, you will want to appoint advisers for each role based on their correlating ability scores. For instance, a high charisma character will make for a great Grand Diplomat, Curator or Regent.

2. Know Where to Find Good Advisers

In order to appoint advisers, you will first have to find them. Check out the graph below to see where you can find suitable characters for each position.

HarrimHigh PriestPrologue
RegongarGeneral/WardenTechnic Camp
OctaviaRegent/MagisterTechnic Camp
TristianCouncilorTemple of the Elk
Lander LebedaRegentCoronation
Shandra MerveyCouncilorCoronation
Kassil AldoriGeneralCoronation
JubilostTreasurer/MinisterSkunk Ford
EkundayoWarden/MinisterRuined Watchtower
Jhod KavkenHigh PriestThorn Ford
Bartholomew DelgadoTreasurer/DiplomatLone House
Kesten GaressWardenAldori’s Banquet Hall
The StorytellerCurator/MagisterThrone Room
TsannaHigh Priest/CouncilorShrine of Lamashtu
VordakaiMagisterVordakai’s Tomb
Maegar VarnTreasurerThrone Room Following Varnhold

3. Use Rations and Camping Supplies

A huge part of properly managing your kingdom is about properly managing your time. It will take a considerable amount of time whenever you travel with your party. However, it can take a considerably larger amount of time if your party is not properly prepared.

If you leave your kingdom for a quest without any camping or other food rations, your party will inevitably have to stop their travels short say they can hunt and forage for food. This process can take hours.

Every passing hour in Pathfinder: Kingmaker is another opportunity for something to go wrong in your kingdom. Your lands and people, after all, require constant micro-managing.


Consequently, you are going to want to reduce your time spent traveling by keeping a hefty supply of rations on hands at all times.

4. You Can Buy BP

Build points, also known as BP, are used for just about everything when it comes to kingdom management. Settlement upgrades, project management and construction are just some of the things you will need this vital resource for.

One issue many players find themselves in early on is a BP deficit. Without this invaluable resource, your kingdom’s growth will come to a screeching halt. Consequently, you are going to want to keep your BP up at all times.

You may notice late in the game that you have a surplus of gold, but a deficit of BP. As it turns out, you can actually buy BP for 80 gold per point at a merchant in central square. Take advantage of this feature to keep your kingdom growing.

5. Complete Your Quests

Sometimes you can do everything right and still find yourself dealing with a crumbling kingdom. The reason for this is because new quests often introduce new problems. Sometimes when you receive a new quest, your kingdom will receive a debuff of some sort. The debuff may equal a numeric decrease in your economy, for instance.

The longer certain quests and other crisis go unfinished, the larger these debuffs will become. The negative effects ignored missions can have on your kingdom can be completely devastating, so make sure to finish each mission and resolve each crisis as they sprout up.

6. Save Before You Begin Major Projects

As part of managing your kingdom, you will have the opportunity to complete certain projects. Some will only take a few days, but many will take upwards of half a month to complete. You will be forced to skip forward through those days, unable to make any other decisions for your kingdom during that time.

Consequently, you are going to want to save your game before ever accepting longer projects. If after accepting and waiting out the project your kingdom ends up in disarray, simply re-load your save file and try another approach to improving your kingdom.

It would also be wise to make a hard save after every major chapter within the game. There will be times when certain decisions lead to your kingdom spiraling out of control. Having a plethora of various hard saves from different stages of your playthrough to fall back on can be quite comforting during these moments.

7. You Will Not Always See Your Notifications

In order to access your kingdom, you will need to be within your own claimed territory. If you are out on a quest outside your kingdom’s borders, you will have to return before further managing your kingdom.

Likewise, you will only see notifications concerning your kingdom if you are within your kingdom’s border. If you spend too much time out adventuring, you may return to your lands to find your kingdom in severe disarray.

8. Problems Always Take Precedent Over Opportunities

There are two different types of kingdom events, being problems and opportunities. Opportunity events are chances for you to improve your kingdom. However, there are no punitive measures for cancelling or simply not starting an opportunity.

Problem events, however, must be completed. If you cancel these missions or simply do not finish them, your kingdom will suffer for it. Consequently, you are going to want to prioritize problem events over opportunities.

Unfortunately, problem events tend to sprout up like weeds. As a result, you will have to be quite vigilant and proactive when it comes to these events.

9. Upgrade Your Towns

If you want your kingdom to grow, then you are going to want to upgrade your towns. You can upgrade your main village to a town after you have claimed two new regions and have built settlements within them.

The more regions you procure and the more settlements you build, the more times you can upgrade your settlements. There are three levels of settlements in total, being villages, towns and cities.

10. The More Unrest You Have, The Lower Your Bonuses Will Be

There are six stages to civil wellness in total. More civil unrest your kingdom experiences, the lower your bonuses will be for problem and opportunity events. Check out the chart below for details.

Civil WellnessModifier

11. Build More Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards provide a Military bonus of +1 and +2 bonus to resolving problems in the region the board was placed within. However, you will need a lawful barony in order to utilize these boards. While the boards’ effects do not stack with each other, they will make resolving issues in each of your land holdings far less troublesome.

12. Don’t Be Too Hasty When it Comes to Building

Building various structures within your lands will boost your overall kingdom stats. If you have enough additional BP to spend on structures, then this can be a great way to bring your kingdom to the next level. That being said, there are other things you should be doing first.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Save Kesten

You will get a great boon of stat boosts from finishing kingdom events. Consequently, you are going to want to minimize your building habits and save a tidy sum of your BP for finishing events.