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PwnTunes – Sync Music Without iTunes

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from the makers of iRealSMS
PwnTunes – iPhone Drag&Drop Music Import without iTunes – Home

PS4 is Too Hot and Turns Off Repair (Cleaning, Thermal Paste and Fan Replacement) - Duration: 27:00. Fasttech Recommended for you. Top Cracked Cydia Repos and Sources 2017 1. Xarold Cydia repository is the brainchild of developer Julio Verne. Julio is infamous for cracking paid Cydia tweaks and releasing all sorts of cracking tools.

Pwntunes Ios 9 Cracked Repo

It’s a new way to sync your Music & More without the use of iTunes!

As we all know there are many many different MP3 players out there but the Apple iPod Touch & iPhone have dominated the market as the best media player around!
But even though we all love the device, many of us hate the restrictive iTunes system lockdown on our music and files. You’re tied down to syncing your device with only your home PC or you run the risk of losing everything on your iPhone or Touch.

Why can’t you just plug it into any PC as you can do with just about every other mp3 player in the world!?


With PwnTunes It’s as easy as plugging your sync cable into your Windows PC.
Then it’s as simple as browsing your file explorer to copy your files from your iPhone/Touch to your PC. or you can drag items from the PC to your iPhone/Touch!
drag, drop & go!

What can you do:

  • Drag pictures from your camera roll to any PC
  • Drag Music from your iTunes synced music library to any PC
    • music files are translated from the encoded gibberish file names into a user friendly list based on the original file name as it would be on your PC
    • After the loading of iTunes Music folder has finished, you can delete songs from it (and from iPod library) via USB
  • Add music from any PC to your device & it will automatically import into your iPod app
    • ID3 tags from MP3 & M4A files will also import track info and album art
    • support for tags from other music types not yet supported
    • Limited Tag Management:
      • Loads Folder.jpg/folder.jpg/cover.jpg/Cover.jpg from same folder as cover
      • Uses Folder’s name (if in a folder) as album name when no album ID3 tag found
      • Uses Parent Folder’s name (if in a folder in a folder) as artist name when no artist ID3 tag found
        (My Music/Artist Name/Album Name/Title.mp3)
  • var/mobile/Library/downloads folder is mapped to USB so you can manage your safari downloaded files.
  • Drag and save any type of file(images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, etc) onto your device to use it as a USB drive!




**fix included for xp users

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

Tags: iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, mp3, music, touch, usb

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  1. BriceNice Says:

    Any word on when a Mac version will be released??

  2. Daremo Says:

    Anyone know if this can be used to install apps (and I mean legitimately signed apps)?

  3. Tom Says:

    I’m sure this will end up like their other software, release, take your money and no bug fixing after a few months.

  4. Fabio Says:

    NICE WORK!! This is my favourite tweak!

  5. Kirk7741 Says:

    Awesome. Let’s see how long it takes to crack.

  6. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    WTF! Common Guys! Support the DEV’s. These people bring us great apps and tweaks that you can’t get nowhere else because Apple will never release such a thing. So be greatfull and support em already. $12 is not a lot of money. I spend more on lunch every day.

  7. ruben Says:

    sorry man, but where are you coming from. This is by the dev of ireal which isa being developed continuiously, questions are answered on twitter, email, chat – difficult to find better support

  8. Akrasia Says:

    While absolutely agree (I bought a copy my self)…. Where are you going to lunch and spending $13?!

  9. Chris Says:

    What about sharepod? It has worked wonderfully for me!

  10. Kirma Says:

    I bought it few days ago :) realy nice tool

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sure the devs are posting good supporting comments on some of these apps. Make that pretty darn sure some are. eg:Above WTF!——
    I think the price is absurd when their is nothing in it that you can’t allready do for zilch.
    The benefits are not that “got to have” type so he can keep his program.
    Anyway I read some where on this site a comment stating that greedy devs that charge that much are asking to have their app cracked, as the incentive has increased tenfold then. Charge a reasonable price and they must sell more apps and would not lose a penny in the long run.
    Oh well if paying that much money for so little advantage is O.K with you, then thats prooving of an old proverb true, “a fool and his money are soon parted”

  12. Anonymous Says:

    HA! Wifi sync is $10 – Still too expensive but a more usefull app for most and cheaper. No thanks.

  13. Dilly Says:

    Crack it!!
    why did i jailbreak…to pay for apps? Lol!

  14. Poseidon79 Says:

    Why Jailbreak? Themes, unlock, quickreply, Cydia, SB Settings, Backgrounder, Categories, etc. You belong in jail getting ass raped by a large black man named Tyrel!

  15. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Yea well just because an app is expensive does not make it ok to steal from a him. I mean after all its not apple we are talking about here its just a regular dev in our own jailbreaking community and hes not going to get rich off a $12 app.

    So you say because the Dev sets his price high its more likely that someone cracks it? Price does not really matter. There are .99 cent apps out there that still get cracked. Who cant afford .99 cents? If that’s the case then maybe you should not own an iPhone.

  16. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    ^^ Agreed. Not everything in life is free bud. I jailbroke so i could add functionality to my phone that apple will never bring us. Who cares if it costs a little. At least the choice is there if you need it.

  17. S0m3 DudE Says:

    Does this even do video. Photo transfer I use iFile. Misc. files I use iFile. so $13 for one feature is a grip. I’ve paid more than that for an App, but I’ll wait for other features to be added before I spend so much.

  18. Tom Says:

    Just sayin, wheres iRealQuick that was promised 5 months ago? Wheres the 6 month old bug fixes? In the last month there has been 1 update which added Activator support and fixed their fuck up on licenses, last release before that was 2 1/2 months ago. I don’t really count that as “developed continuously”.

    I just think people should know who they are dealing with and their track record when it comes to updates and bug fixes.

  19. smash Says:

    $3.99 would be most I’d pay.

  20. Thomas Says:

    Help me jail breake my I-pod

  21. Bayf Says:

    Do any of you know how to do get your iPod jailbroken for free? Help me! Does jailbreaking your iPod make you get all apps for free? What does it do?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    google spirit it’s fast and easy.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    ChaoticMayhem maybe you should keep your opinion about wether or not I should own an iPhone to yourself. This is a thread about an app not a place to make personal insults, so watch your mouth “so to speak”, keep on topic, and don’t get personal.

  24. Anonymous Says:


  25. partner0 Says:

    Getting a light weight iTunes replacement could be the #1 jailbreak reason for me BY FAR as long as it also supports videos (and breaks DRM :)).

    Seriously, currently, I dual-boot Mac OS just NOT to install iTunes under Windows.

  26. Scott Was Here Says:

    Seriously – I’m not going to pay an outrageous price like this for an app. Devs are starting to get a little too greedy for my taste. I have no problem supporting devs – but this is just too expensive a price.

    No deal.

  27. Ilkka Says:

    Why pay 9,99 Euro?

    Install the Program ImToo into your Windowssystem.
    It will do much more…


  28. Bad34 Says:

    Dev team great job guys can we just love one to others lol 12 is not bad let see how the updates will be

  29. Anonymous Says:

    ChaoticMayhem get off your Pro Dev soap box, and we care about the price of apps, maybe your inexperience in monetry matters should make you bow out of defending an issue you have one view about. An uninformed view at that. One Dev does something and others follow like sheep. I’ll bet you shut your comments up when you can’t get an app from Cydia for under $10

  30. Crude Says:

    Keep up the good work! I’m sure that the product will be able to deal with videos in future updates!

    Instead of complaining about the price… Make something better yourselves and sell it cheaper!?

  31. Crude Says:

    ImTOO will set you back US$ 19.95… that is more than PwnTunes will set you back…

  32. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Yea ill bet you shut your comments up when you can’t get a worth while app from cydia at all because all the good developers stopped making apps because of unappreciative noobs like yourself. Next time you make one of your childish replies why don’t you at least make an effort to pick a name for yourself!

  33. oAOBPoTlKSiKo Says:

    Yes its called blackra1n and yes all the ones from the app store but other publishers from cydia some cost but other wise yes all free

  34. reznor9 Says:

    we are working on mac compatability as we speak

  35. obz Says:

    wtf happened to fucking shareware, i cant believe how fucking greedy these scumbags have become.
    i didnt jailbreak to pay for stuff, specially shit that will go away the next os update.

  36. Hukdkkdkkfk Says:


  37. tyquindez Says:

    it is great to have people. i am about to jailbreak
    my ipod touch 1st gen from this site

  38. tyquindez Says:

    you dont pay for it jest go with the flow if it is truly jailbrok in the end you dont pay for it

  39. obz Says:

    all the good developers who choose to charge for this shit can go somewhere else, there plenty who code for fun, not for profit.
    point is n00bs like yourself don’t even seem to know that the software scene for small time coders used to be all shareware and you got it from floppies on magazine covers. now its just greedy fucks who code like crap and then dont fix bugs after they get the cash.
    its why the ppl behind winzip are multi millionaires all from shareware.

  40. Art Says:

    Look, i simply does not work for me… I’ve tried every trick and phone is not recognized by windows, i am talking 3 different machines. Win 7 64 bit, Win Vista 64 bit and Win Vista 32 bit. None of then displays phone under device manager. I e-mailed 5 times to a support in last 5 days, no response at all.

  41. dresden Says:

    wow… cant believe people straight up jailbreak to be cheap bastards. Did you steal your iPhone as well from some kid that has more money than you? Jailbreak doesnt mean free stuff… it means better stuff, more open apps that arent restricted by apples rules and regulations… it wasnt designed to give cheap asses free stuff… why dont you go shoplift at the local cornerstore and leave us alone here.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be Application support soon? I want to sync apps without the stupid iTunes, which crashes as soon as you touch it. Installous 3 manual install method works sort of, but it is quite buggy

  43. Kinny ousmane Says:


  44. Anonymous Says:


  45. sorrowsdestiny Says:

    I agree it appears as though alot of people have simply Jailbroken their phone to grab this and that for free , I paid good money for this kick ass phone and was discusted with the limited abilities that AT&T and Apple wrote into the system , listen I don’t mind paying for things if they are reasonable and opperate well , if this isn’t your idea of a worthy app. then don’t pay for it wait till one comes around that suites your needs , I will continue to enjoy the hard work that the Dev’s have put into breaking this phones limitations … I would like to tell you all Thank You Very Much for Your Hard work and time spent in developing a means to open the full possibilities of this phone and yet when I purchase one the IPad …

  46. Chris Says:

    Great app, best $$ ive spent on cydia

  47. Faizan Says:

    Hello Guys,

    I m using iOS in my iphone 4
    i have installed pwntunes in my iphone, but now i cant able to sync my iphone in itunes, can any1 tell me how to sync my iphone with itunes,
    i have removed pwntunes from my iphone, but still getting same problem.

    help me please…


  48. klajdi Says:

    i just installed pwntune in my iphone 4 ios 4.3.1 and is not working . i can not start ipod app even, because it crashed every time. what is happening.. please help me because i really wanna buy this app… but is not working and it messed up my

  49. Zachi Says:

    Hi I have the same problem with 4.3.1
    You need to deactivate Sync in Settings for Pwntunes. At least you can start Ipod when this is deactivated. At least for me it worked. But I would prefer that it works correct like on IOS lower then 4.3.1

  50. Pontivagus Says:

    I have a big problem: i downloaded the free trial of Pwntunes, but Suddenly all the applications regularly downloaded from the appstore won’t start! they crash on the start! Please help me, i also tried to delete and reinstall pwntunes but nothng seems to work. Help me! :(

  51. Simone Says:

    Just install a free app from app store it should work ( it worked for me)

  52. Why crack .99 apps ? Says:

    Simple, i live in argentina, i dont have an international credit card, and i need apps.

    I cant even get papyal, without the plastic.

    That’s it. I can afford the iphone, which is a thousand bucks here, but i can’t afford a .99 cents app. Sad huh ?

  53. TSM Says:

    Okay. I downloaded it to see what it would do.

    It errors out when it tries to load an .MP3 file.

    It did take an MPEG-4 but only one at a time.

    It also looks like nothing has been done with it since 2010.

    Looks like the nay sayers were right … $13 a shot and the guy disappeared.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone know why it errors for some .mp3s and not others? No rhyme or reason that I can find.

  55. Stephanie Says:

    There is also a way to upload and sync music to iPhone or any other idevice without iTunes using WALTR app! Works for Mac and Windows!!, it requires you just drag and drop music, with no need to convert or sync, WALTR uploads media in a couple of seconds and plays on a native playback what saves battery. For me it works the best, recommend it definitely!!!

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