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Director Cheran dons his acting gear again with Moserbaer's Raman Thediya Seethai. This Tamil movie attracted a great deal of attention during a hunt for Cheran's heroines, and again during the.

After a dismal outing in 'Puthiya Geethai' and 'Kodambakkam', director Jaganji is determined to make amends with 'Raman Thediya Seethai'.

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  2. Raman Thediay Seethai is the first film of Moserbaer in Tamil as an individual producer. The film directed by Jaganath and Cheran, Pasupathy, Nithin Sathya, Ramya Nambeesan Vimala Raman, Gajala.

A one-time associate of director Cheran, Jaganji has managed a casting coup with prominent stars of Tamil Cinema playing important roles in the film. RTS is a film that revolves around a youth played by Cheran and the movie talks about different people and varied cultures that he comes across in his life.

Speaking about the project, Jaganji says, ' it is one of the greatest experiences of my life doing this film. Directing my mentor (Cheran) was a scintillating experience. He has been a guiding force to me encouraging and motivating me a lot'.

'The movie will be different from run-of-the-mill films. Cheran plays a down-to-earth role, while Nithin Sathya is bubbly and full of wit. Pasupathy plays a westernized character. All the female leads have pitched in their best for the film,' adds the director.

He singled out music composer Vidyasagar for coming up with catchy appropriate melodies. 'He has understood the situation well and has rendered soul-stirring songs. These are the major highlights of my film', he adds.

'Though I directed Cheran, he did not interfere with my work. He suggested some ideas, but otherwise did what I wanted him to before the camera. He is of immense strength to the movie', adds Jagan.

On his part, Cheran, said, 'I always wondered why a talented creator like Jaganji is yet to strike it rich. Everyman needs an appropriate moment to make it big. Hopefully Jagan will start fresh with 'Raman Thediya Seethai'.

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Nithin Sathya relished playing a bubbly role in the film. He says that it was a great moment to share the screen with talented artistes like Pasupathy and Cheran. Says Nithin Sathya, ' it was a leaning curve for me. They encouraged and motivated me a lot'.

Thanking Dhananjayan of Moserbaer, Jaganji said, 'he was of immense encouragement to me. Thanks to the corporate backing, we shot the film uninterrupted. But for their support, the movie could not have been completed'.

'The movie would set a new trend in the industry. Hopefully it would go ahead to run successfully at the box office and bring us laurels', he adds.


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(Redirected from Jagannaath @ K.P.Jagan)
K. P. Jagan @ Jagannaath
Other namesJagannaath
OccupationDirector, Actor
Years active2003–present

K.P. Jagan, also known as Jagannaath, is an Indian Tamil film actor and director. He directed four films: Pudhiya Geethai (2003), Kodambakkam (2006), Raman Thediya Seethai (2008), and En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom (2017). He made his acting debut with Mayandi Kudumbathar.


Jagan had begun his career in the film industry as an office worker for T. Rajender, before moving on to work as a make-up artist for film actors. He later became acquainted with Cheran, before working as his assitant.[1]

The project was titled Geethai and was set to feature Vijay in the lead role with Esha Deol as heroine. However the film eventually featured two lead actresses with Meera Jasmine being signed on to be a part of the project after the success of her 2002 film, Run.[2][3]Amisha Patel also accepted to be a part of the film, replacing Deol, after getting the entire script translated in English for her to read.[4] Before release, the film's title was changed to Pudhiya Geethai.

The film opened to mixed reviews. The critic from The Hindu stated that 'the end is predictable, but the conviction with which the climax drives home the message makes it interesting.'[5] Another reviewer stated the film had 'nothing new', describing it as 'real melodramatic soap-opera that moves hearts of viewers and at the same time gives a message for the audience.'[6] The film was average at box office.[7][8]

Jagan's third directorial Raman Thediya Seethai was announced in 2007 and the photo session was held at the time of launch.[9] Gajala was selected as one of the leads[10] and Remya nambeesan from Kerala was selected and she joined in second schedule.[11] Vimala Raman of Poi,[12]Karthika Adaikalam of Thoothukudi and Navya Nair were selected since the story needed five heroines Pasupathi[13] and Nithin Sathya were selected to play important roles.

Director Jagan said that 'There are 78 scenes whereas there are 94 locations in the film'[14] and added that 'in most of the scenes there would be a small flashback and if this is taken into consideration then there are more locations in the film rather than scenes'.[15]

Rediff wrote: 'There's a delicate balance between portraying a genuinely touching story and going overboard with emotions. And that's where Global One Studio Productions' Raman Thediya Seethai (Rama's Hunt for Seetha), directed by Jagannaath, manages to be different'.[16] Behindwoods wrote:'The director needs to be appreciated for delivering a film without kissing or glamorous scenes. However, he could have tried to make the subject a bit more interesting'.[17] Sify wrote:'RTS is riveting cinema and exhibits emotional depth and is a clean feel-good family entertainer'.[18]

After the film's good response at box office, Jagan announced that his next directorial titled Roja Malli Kanakambaram would be produced by him and was to feature Nithin Sathya along with newcomers[19][20] and was supposed to feature Malayalam actor Dileep in important role[21] but financial problems led the film to be shelved.[22]

Personal life[edit]

Jagan was married in 2009.[23]



  • Pudhiya Geethai (2003)
  • Kodambakkam (2006)
  • Raman Thediya Seethai (2008)
  • En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom (2017)


  • Mayandi Kudumbathar (2009)
  • Milaga (2010)
  • Goripalayam (2010)
  • Ambuli (2012)
  • Muthukku Muthaaga (2012)
  • Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA (2013)
  • Azhagan Azhagi (2013)
  • Chithirayil Nilachoru (2013)
  • Kandupidi Kandupidi (2014)
  • Sutrula (2014)
  • Kangaroo (2015)
  • Pasanga 2 (2015)
  • Namma Veetu Pillai (2019)

Story and dialogue writer[edit]

  • Miga Miga Avasaram (2019)


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