Sailor And The 7 Balls 2

So I was browsing through YouTube and I found some clips that featured parodies of DBZ characters and other characters from various anime. After doing some research I found it to be an official hentai parody movie made many years ago by a company called MMG. They also made a parody movie of Star Wars called 'StarBallz' which featured Goku as Han Solo and Sailor Moon as Princess Leia, (when George Lucas found out about it he filed a lawsuit and lost).
Sailor and the 7 balls 2019I've watched both movies and couldn't stop laughing at them, they had terrible voice acting and terrible CGI effects. I've searched on Amazon and it has DVDs of these movies.
Here is the video I found: and the 7 balls 2019Balls

The sequel to the popular, original parody that shocked the world! All your favorite heroes and heroines return once again (along with a whole group of newcomers) for another stormy tale of intergalactic lust, S&M battles, and a quest for the seven mystical ballz!

Sailor And The 7 Balls 2Sailor and the 7 balls 2019
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