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25 years ago, Louis Sarno, an American, heard a song on the radio and followed its melody into the Central Africa Jungle and stayed. He than recorded over 1000 hours of original BaAka music. Original soundtrack to Endnight Games' 'The Forest.' Styles ranging from classic horror, doom metal, abstract textures and 80's jams. Titles and music are subject to change, as the game is in the ALPHA stage. This includes unused demos.

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Mavka, The Forest SongThe forest movie online

Mavka, The Forest Song

WatchMavka, The Forest Song - In Developmentby Dave KochPost your Comments or Review
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  • Feature Length Animated FilmFeature- In DevelopmentIn Development
  • 3D CG Animation
  • Animagrad Animation Studio
  • Distributed by: Film.UA
  • Cartoon Characters: Mavka, Lukash.
  • Produced ByEgor Olesov, Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva.
  • Written BySakhar +1 kg, Lesia Ukrainka.
  • In Development; Release Date Not Set.
  • Originally Released Theatrically- Currently In Development.
  • Running Time: 85 minutes.
  • Color
  • Ukraine
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Wrist Watches are materialitems used for craftingbombs, they were added in update v0.11 of The Forest.

Gameplay[editedit source]

Wrist watches can be found on dead passengers, in caves, or in suitcases. The player can carry a maximum of 5. Wristwatches cannot be worn or used to tell the time. The only use wrist watches have is to craftbombs, they have no other uses other than this.Be careful collecting wristwatches in caves. If you are at full capacity (5) and you collect one, it may fall through the cave floor and disappear. There is a high chance of this happening. Use the wristwatches you have before collecting more to prevent this from occurring.

Crafting[editedit source]


Locations[editedit source]

The Last Song Watch Online

Wristwatches are found in specific locations in larger quanitities, here are the known locations for large amounts of them with The Forest Map links:
- On the dead passengers outside of cave 1's entrances, around 4-6.
- As soon as you enter cave 7, there are passengers hanging up that watches, around 5-6.
- Largest collection of watches in the game, over 10 in a case. It is location in cave 1, right next to the katana.

Song From The Forest Documentary Watch Online

Known Bugs[editedit source]

  • When in caves, collecting watches with a full carrying capacity will cause the watches to fall. Very often they will glitch through the cave floor and disappear.

Gallery[editedit source]

Song From The Forest Watch Online Subtitrat

  • Wrist watch can be found in luggage or caves.

  • Wrist Watch game icon

Update history[editedit source]

v0.36Fixed watch missing fake drop when you pick up more than you can carry
v0.11New item added : Wrist watch (can be found in luggage, or on some dead passengers) – use as crafting ingredient (such as on timed explosive)

Changed recipe for timed explosive to include watch

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