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With better and smoother action and in-depth gameplay, Virtua Fighter 2 is a great follow up. If you like your fighting games to require a bit more skill then Virtua Fighter 2 is the fighting game for you. Strike Fighters 2 - game update July 2013 Update - Download Game update (patch) to Strike Fighters 2, a(n) simulation game, July 2013 Update, added on Monday, July 8, 2013. Strike Fighters: Vietnam is a development of the original Wings over Vietnam game. The basics are almost the same, meaning a 'lite' simulation, still pretty realistic in the ways of plane handling and performances, weapons and so on, and with a big emphasis on modability (i.e. You can modify the game at your own will) and atmosphere.

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Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam Download

[PC] STRIKE FIGHTERS 2 Over Europe,Vietnam & Israel

Strike Fighters 2 Europe is a jet air-combat game set in hypothetical World War III scenarios - Cold War Gone Hot - where the Soviet Red Army invades West Germany. Player flyable aircraft include F-100 Super Sabre, F-105 Thunderchief, F-4 Phantom II, F-15 Eagle, A-10 Thunderbolt II, British Hunter and British Harrier! Campaigns are set in 1960-1970s hypothetical 'Cold War Gone Hot' scenarios. Software - strike fighters 2 download. CrosuS Total Game and Mod Management, Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder Plug-in for WMP, Font 2 DXF.

Strike Fighters 2 For Sale

Publisher : Thirdwire
Release date : 2009Strike fighters 2 pc game downloadFighters
History & Gameplay Strike Fighters 2 over Europe,vietnam & Israel
Strike Fighters 2 is a PC game (Combat / Flight Simulator) that primarily centers on a fictitious conflict in the Middle East between the Kingdom of Dhimar and the Empire of Paran from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. Although the countries and conflict may not be real, the aircraft and weapons used are completely accurate. The conflict is modeled as a typical Cold War era 'proxy' war between the USA and USSR where Dhimar gets help from the US and Paran uses imported Soviet equipment and expertise.
Third Wire Productions developed the game based on the original Strike Fighters: Project 1 but had to be vastly rewritten to work with the Vista platform. In doing so the latest graphical, Artificial Intelligence, and features were written into the simulation.
In April 2009, Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam was released, followed in June 2009 by Strike Fighters 2: Europe, and by Strike Fighters 2: Israel in October 2009. Expansion Pack 1 (for Strike Fighters 2: Israel) was released in June 2010 and Expansion Pack 2 (for Strike Fighters 2: Europe) followed on December 1, 2010. All of the games (except the expansion packs) can be installed stand-alone, or they can be merged to make all the stock aircraft available in all games
The game has been designed so it is as easy as possible to get into giving it the tag 'Lite Simulation'. This is opposed to other hardcore 'study simulations' such as Falcon 4.0 where the learning curve is much steeper. After flying one Jet you should be able to hop into any of the other Jets and fly them with relative ease. In reality the Lite category tag places the game halfway between Arcade and Hardcore.
Set over a fictitious desert scenario the game has a useful 'Single Mission' option that allows the user to choose their mission, aircraft type, weapons and look at a map of where they are flying to. A set of names are generated to be included on the squadron rotor and they are allocated varying skill levels, which is useful to know when they are flying as your wingmen. The Single Mission mode is a good chance to practice for the Campaign mode because it gives all the mission types that the user will face in any campaign.
Flying over the desert can be long and lonely, and just like the Iran-Iraq war of the 80s there are never that many enemy planes up in the air. A time acceleration feature is built into the game as well as a feature to let you warp to the target, although this later feature can place the player in the middle of trouble.
Bombing targets is difficult and the user has to practice dive and low level bombing to complete missions. The default jets are purely 60s technology and have no useful bombing aids.
The planes have simplified radars that are easy to operate, and try to simulate radars of that era; they have a delayed scan, do not always find and lock targets and are subject to ground clutter.
Dogfighting is almost always necessary thanks to the simulated unreliability of the early AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow, and AIM-4 Falcon – which adds an element of realism. The user will then find themselves in no position to out-turn the enemy MiGs due to the maneuverability of the featured US jets, so new tactics must be learned.
Flying over populated enemy areas the user will be subjected to many types of Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA), or the SA-2 soviet Surface to Air Missile (SAM).

Buat yg demen game2 simulator pesawat tempur tapi gak yg berbelit2 dengan key control nya dan justru sangat mudah mengontrolnya menggunakan keyboard tanpa harus joystick plus grafik nya juga terbilang bagus, ga ada salahnya nyobain game keluaran thirdwire (designer Tsuyoshi Kawahito)
Game keluaran 2009 ini mempunyai grafik game yg lumayan bagus dan intensitas combat yg seru juga, pertempuran di udara bisa mengambil single mission or campaign.
kita bisa memilih pesawat, memilih skin/logo squadron (tergantung tiap pesawat dan skin yg dimiliki) dan men-set loadout weapon di hangar tergantung misi yg kita bawa mulai dari CAP,CAS,Strike,Escort,dll dan setelah memilih salah satu tipe misi tinggal play langsung dan misi nya akan random secara otomatis

Strike Fighters 2 Free Download

Strike Fighter 2 Game

yang saya suka dari game ini adalah banyaknya tambahan2 pesawat yg saya download di hitung2 bisa sekitar kurang lebih 100-an atau mgkn lebih (*gak ane itungin gan..capek liat listnya ) mulai dari pesawat era WW2-modern jet dan ditambah lagi tembakan anti udara dari berbagai kaliber dan SAM serta pesawat2 musuh yg bikin seru tergantung dari misi nya mau dibikin heavy anti aircraft defense or heavy enemy fighter

Strike Fighters 2 Pc Game

kalau jenis bawaan pesawat standar dari game strike fighters 2 ini adalah pesawat jet era late 50- early 70's
sayangnya dari game ini tidak ada option multiplayer, seandainya ada wah ini akan menambah nilai plus banget
Ini forum yg agan2 bisa coba utk mengambil tambah2an addons pesawat,effect,map,sound,weapon dll silahkan mampir ke: (*saran saya jadi donatur $6/month gan biar puas downloadnya klo gak jadi donatur bakal harus nunggu 1x24 jam per quota yg dibatasi ;)) Fighters 2 Pc Download
Sampai sekarang sudah habis hardisk sekitar 25gb buat game ini dan akan terus nambah klo ada addon baru... (kebanyakan habis gara2 download tambahan2 pesawat,weapon,map dll)

Strike Fighters 2 Download Full

Jenis2 pesawat nya yg ada kompi ane so far (buat yg modern jet thn 70an-skrg belum terhitung yg era ww2-60)
A-6 intruder
A-7 corsair
F-4 phantom
F-5 tiger
C-130 spectre
F-16 Block10,25 A,C
F-18C,E,F & EA-18G
Euro Typhoon
AV-8B Harrier
JAS-39 grippen
MIG series 21,23,25,29,31 dan SU series 27,30,35
Mirages series
Heli : Blackhawk,Chinook,Gazelle,Hind

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Strike Fighters2: Vietnam
Strike Fighters 2:Europe
Strike Fighters 2:Israel
Strike Fighters 2Expansion Pack 1
Strike Fighters 2Expansion Pack 2
Available on:PC
Developer: ThirdWire Production
Publisher: ThirdWire Production
Community sites:ThirdWire
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