Thunderbird 3.1 4

Thunderbird 3.1 4
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Thunderbird 3.1 4.6


Thunderbird Release Notes Version 78.4.1, first offered to channel users on November 6, 2020 What’s new; Bug Fixes; All Releases; Check out the notes below for this version of Thunderbird. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think, or file a bug in Bugzilla. Users of the desktop email client Thunderbird who are still running version 68.x of the program will be upgraded to Thunderbird 78.2.2 automatically. The development team of the email client put an update blocker in place to prevent automatic upgrades from Thunderbird 68.x to Thunderbird 78 after the initial release of the new version. Thunderbird 78.4.3 and google calendar Help Unfortunately, an automatic update changed my Thunderbird to 78.4.3 and now the google calendar is not working as the addon 'Provider for Google Calendar' is not compatible with the new version. Points System. When you upload software to you get rewarded by points. For every field that is filled out correctly, points will be rewarded, some fields are optional but the more you provide the more you will get rewarded!

This list covers some of the known problems with Thunderbird 3.1. Please read this before reporting any new bugs.

All Systems

Thunderbird 3.1 4 Bay

  • Your passwords are stored in a new location. If you go back to using Thunderbird 2, or switch back and forth between Thunderbird 3.1 and Thunderbird 2, your password lists do not get updated.
  • Extended columns in the folder pane were removed in Thunderbird 3. There is an add-on that restores this functionality. You can also install this add-on using the Migration Assistant.
  • The compact header view was removed in Thundebird 3 (Bug 480623); see this blog entry for details. There is an add-on that offers similar functionality. You can install this add-on using the Migration Assistant.
  • Thunderbird 3.1 requires that extensions either come from a secure server using the HTTPS protocol or are digitally signed, or they will fail to install.
  • If using SSL or TLS, and the certificate that comes from the server is self-signed, expired, or has a domain that does not match the server domain, a dialog will be shown asking if Thunderbird should permanently make an exception for the cert. This should only be done if the error is understood.
  • If you are unable to view content for your RSS feeds in the Wide View Layout, you may need to disable the Lightning Calendar add-on if you have it installed or switch to Classic View and restart Thunderbird. (Bug 531397)
  • In some cases, using 'Save As Template' from the File menu may not work. You can still Save As Template from the email Compose window or drag the message into the Template folder. (Bug 532050)
  • Smart Folders has been renamed to Unified Folders and can now be edited.
  • The new account wizard may fail to work correctly when selecting an existing SMTP server (bug 568153)
  • TLS connections may fail to prompt for the client certificate password (bug 568929)

Thunderbird 3.1 428

Thunderbird 3.1 4 bay
Microsoft Windows
  • The keyboard shortcut for 'Mark All Read' has changed from Ctrl+Shift+C to Shift+C.
  • If you are using the Kaspersky Anti-Spam Extension from Kaspersky Internet Suite 2010, it is disabled in Thunderbird 3.1 (Bug 533692)
  • If you are using the Kaspersky Anti-Spam Extension from Kaspersky Internet Suite 2011, issues within the Kaspersky Software may cause it to be broken with this update. We are working with Kaspersky to resolve the issue.