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Farming Simulator 2013-Srbija MOD: Home; Create a free website. Farming Simulator 2013-Srbija MOD. Home; Create a free website. Traktor simulator free download - Traktor Pro, Traktor Pro 2, Traktor Digger, and many more programs. Download tractor simulator - Farming Simulator 2011: Life on the farm can be tough, and much more programs. Traktor Simulator Srbija is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Traktor Simulator Srbija. The latest version of Traktor Simulator Srbija is currently unknown. It was initially added to our database on. Traktor Simulator Srbija runs on.

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Traktor Simulator Srbija Download

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7 Farming Simulator is a driving game based around tractors in the countryside. From hay bailing to obstacle courses, this brings you life in the slow lane. This demo of Farming Simulator allows you to experience two missions: a time trial and hay bailing. The first is just a one-lap, one-man race around an obstacle course, and in the second you have to carefully pull a hay baler over cut wheat, to make bails of hay. There are medals for fast times, although it's not too hard to get gold.

The physics of Farming Simulator feel pretty basic. The tractors don't move very subtly, and the models don't move with suspension, so they look quite old fashioned. The graphics overall are functional, but won't worry the of this world. The sound, similarly, is acceptable but nothing more. The slow-paced action is based on a sparsely populated and quiet island. Farming Simulator is pretty basic in terms of what it offers.

There is no attempt to make any of the farming fun, so if you don't enjoy tractor driving, Farming Simulator won't change your mind. For farming fans, it's a fairly varied game, but spoiled by it's outdated presentation. Farming Simulator is just what it says it is, as long as you think farming is all done in a tractor!